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Having never been to the Greek Festival, I really didn’t know what to expect.  Maybe some food, maybe some dancing, Greek beer?  I don’t know.

What I found is that the Greek Festival = Food, and lots of it.  Unfortunately, aside from the amazing pastry, pretty much everything had meat in it so I couldn’t indulge in some of my favorites.  However, the Greek fries were wonderful and I’m still sort of kicking myself for not at least trying the baklava sundaes (I feared putting myself into a sugar coma).

My friend, Megan, and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and walked around the small festival a few times – we even went through the pastry line where she picked up a variety pack for her family (she’s so nice!  I, however, bought nothing for anyone but my selfish self).

The Greek Festival was neat, but didn’t have a lot for us.  At least I can pig out all year at the Greek Isle Deli Buffet Days (first Friday of each month from 4:00pm – 8:00pm).


Before seeing The Godfather II at the Michelob Ultra Cool Film Series at the Victoria Theatre, Beth and Kayleigh decided to go out to dinner (yes, for Beth’s birthday.  Don’t worry, she already knows it’s excessive).  I decided to tag along and they didn’t stop me so we headed to Roost Modern Italian in the Oregon District.  Having only been to Roost for a very yummy brunch, I didn’t really know what to expect for their dinner menu.  I was thrilled that they had so many vegetarian options but sad that they had very little to comply with my diet.  Since I was already there and sitting down and it was such a nice day, I just went for it and had a pasta feast.  It was totally worth it.

We sat on the patio to partake in the ambiance of the Oregon District and among other great things, saw one of my friends from high school sitting in and half out of a window across the street.  Since he couldn’t hear me, I made sure to tell him that we were worried he would fall out of the window via Facebook.  Technology is a wonderful tool for people who worry too much like me.

The weather was perfect for dinner on the patio and I hope we get a chance to go back before it gets too cold to enjoy it.  Since we had late spring weather in March, who knows if autumn will be early, too?

I have not been shy about my love for calendars and this post is no exception.  When I flipped my desk calendar at work to August a few days ago, I was greeted with this picture, which made me happy.  Not just because my sister is in it and it may have been one of her first ever Instagrams but because the colors in the photo and the colors on the page design remind me so much of how fun summer is supposed to be.

I think I get so lost sometimes in work and responsibility that I forget the simple joys of warmer weather and increased hours of sunshine in these long days.  Summer is so free and lovely.

So I decided to paint my nails with this calendar page as inspiration.  I used Wet n Wild Megalast in Tropicalia for 8 of my nails and Club Havana for the 2 ring fingernails.

Last Sunday, my sister (Sad Robots) and I ventured to Ghostlight Coffee to discuss our strategy for the Dayton in Focus photography contest.  I think with Beth’s iPhone camera skills, this should be a cake walk since she’ll be using an actual camera for the contest.

Here are some black and white cookies from Thistle Confections (I had to really focus on not eating one and just taking a picture of the other one).  Personally, I don’t think enough baked goods are stamped with adorable owls.

I love Ghostlight’s Cold Brew!  They sell it in bottles now so you can have yummy iced coffee at home.  I’d buy one except that I currently have access to yummy iced coffee all week 3 minutes from my house.  I honestly think if Ghostlight delivered, I’d never leave.  There would be very little reason to leave the house, wear presentable clothing, or put on makeup.

I am the Coffee Fairy.  Give me a day off from work and I bring coffee to my loved ones, especially my husband.  It’s something I also used to do for my dad when he was sick, not to mention many other under-caffeinated people throughout the years.  I’m not always as thoughtful as I would like to be but this is one thing that I love doing for people to show them that I appreciate them.

Since I’ve had a few vacation days, I brought coffee from Winans to my husband at work.  We just sit in my car and talk for a few minutes and it’s nice to see him at a time of day we normally would be apart.  This particular day was beautiful and sunny and for the first time in a long time not obscenely hot and humid.  Now it’s back to the real world until my next vacation.

On the last day of our staycation, my husband and I tried to make the best of a sad situation – having to go to work the next day – by spending time together and having fun.

We went on a walk in our neighborhood to Highland Park.  Everything looks so sad and burned up without the rain but with Julia, everything looks a little happier.

Later we spent some time relaxing and drinking almond-milk-sugar-free iced lattes at Ghostlight Coffee on their pretty patio.  It had just (finally) rained so it was actually cool enough to sit outside.

And now it’s back to reality…

That’s the best name we could come up with.

My sister came over and we hung out for a minute while I did some tech stuff (sort of) to get my new iPhone working properly and setting up my old iPhone to give to my husband.  We took a break and went to The Trolley Stop in the Oregon District where I was super excited to find that they could accommodate my dietary restrictions.  I had a salad and a cup of homemade roasted red pepper hummus with carrot sticks and celery.  I couldn’t actually finish the hummus, but husband was more than happy to finish it for me when he found it in the fridge later.

Even though I wanted to go to another coffee place, my sister is a stubborn one (she only just found out she’s stubborn) so she persisted until I agreed to go to Press instead (I really make an effort to write about a variety of places, but sometimes I get out voted).  I’m glad we went to Press because they are featuring an amazing artist who is selling these amazing pieces for not as much as you would think.  I might need to grab one of these for my house – they are so unbelievably pretty.

We had iced coffee because it was 100 degrees in the shade.  And when it was time to leave, we saw these beautiful doors to the church near Press and Beth was kind enough to let me take a few pictures…

Even though she had to hold all my stuff.  Thanks, Beth!

Best Beth Day ever.

Call this the clip show of my blog.

Here we have a Dilbert cartoon that completely describes my workplace.  It’s hanging up in my cube and it does make me chuckle even though I’ve read it 134 times.

Vulcan Tool Co. is close to my house so one day I decided to take a picture of it.  My husband says that he heard there was a fire there in the early 1900s and people died as a result.  So it’s most definitely haunted, of course.

So here I am getting ready for a meeting to start at work when I look up to find my name on the board.  So odd, yet it cheered me up.

One of the loveliest things about St. Anthony is that they light the Christmas star around Christmas each year.  However, I snapped this picture in June…

And I didn’t even do anything :)  Thank goodness for perennials.

I miss my dad on Father’s Day because I know we’d be at my parents’ house watching the Masters while my dad grills in the backyard and complains about missing the Masters to cook for us on Father’s Day.  It was a tradition that happened every year.  And every year he would say that next year we were going to grill so he could watch the whole tournament (but he secretly wouldn’t have it any other way).  Anyway, I guess I’m thinking about gardening because it was one of my father’s favorite things to do and I know he would have guilted me into doing more work in my yard by now.  So on this Father’s Day, give your dad an extra hug for always guilting you into doing what you know you need to do :)  Happy Father’s Day!

I’ve been reading up on Dayton Fashion Week (DFW) lately, and I was bowled over when I found out that one of their charitable partners is Hospice of Dayton!  I am so impressed that this event will be benefiting such an amazing local charity.

I would love to join in the fun come July!  Each day will feature a different event, here is the official schedule from their website:


Official Schedule

Tuesday: July 24, 2012
DAY 1 – Fashion Launch Gala @ Packard Museum– On this day fashion lovers from all over will be able to network and meet the showcasing designers of DFW plus a silent auction with proceeds going to our charitable partner Hospice of Dayton. We will also have local celebrities walking the runway.

Wednesday: July 25, 2012
DAY 2 – Fashion In Downtown @ Court House Square-Come out and see local bands perform while DFW Models gets transform into the glitz and glamour of fashion.

Thursday: July 26, 2012
DAY 3– DFW Kids Runway Collective Showcase @ Bainbridge Hall – Lights, Camera, Actions: It’s  all about the kids on the runway wearing designs by one of Dayton’s own –CUPCAKE COUTURE and International design house AM VICTORIOUS.

Friday: July 27, 2012
DAY 4- Emerging Designers and Ready to Wear Showcase @ Dayton Convention Center – Fashion Avenue opens at 5:00p.m. Runway Show starts at 6:30 p.m. – visit DFW exclusive Fashion Village including vendors like Coins For Me,  AfriqGlam Nail Lacquer, Gilmart & Co, AM Victorious and many more………

Saturday: July 28, 2012
DAY 5- Grand Finale Runway Showcase @ Dayton Convention Center – Fashion Avenueopens at 5:00p.m. Runway Show starts at 6:30p.m. – International, Local, and National designers on the runway. – visit DFW exclusive Fashion Village including vendors like Coins For Me, AfriqGlam Nail Lacquer, Gilmart & Co, AM Victorious and many more………