Last Sunday, my sister (Sad Robots) and I ventured to Ghostlight Coffee to discuss our strategy for the Dayton in Focus photography contest.  I think with Beth’s iPhone camera skills, this should be a cake walk since she’ll be using an actual camera for the contest.

Here are some black and white cookies from Thistle Confections (I had to really focus on not eating one and just taking a picture of the other one).  Personally, I don’t think enough baked goods are stamped with adorable owls.

I love Ghostlight’s Cold Brew!  They sell it in bottles now so you can have yummy iced coffee at home.  I’d buy one except that I currently have access to yummy iced coffee all week 3 minutes from my house.  I honestly think if Ghostlight delivered, I’d never leave.  There would be very little reason to leave the house, wear presentable clothing, or put on makeup.