Lauren Rinehart – 25 year old, wife of Rob, daughter of Shari, sister of Beth, best friend of Julia! (the basenji/terrier mix), library assistant, once an anthropologist, now just an educated observer living in Dayton, Ohio.

Writing in this blog gives me an outlet for all of the things competing for space in my brain.  This means the topics are many and diverse.  I write about beauty, art, home decor, work, music, exercise, books, my life, and the beautiful people (and pets) who make it worth living, all against the backdrop of the greatest city – Dayton, Ohio.

You have to forgive me if I make everything look overwhelmingly positive, but I have enough negativity in my life to fill 20 blogs.  I keep this space serene so I have a place to go to escape it all and remember what’s really important.