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I’ve decided in an effort to be a little bit more focused, I would try to condense as many beauty posts as I can under one roof each week and call it the Beauty Department.  This is where you will find my fun beauty buys, manicures of note, and recommended products each week.  Now, let’s get started.

Beauty Haul

I love trying new fragrances and this one has really taken my breath away.  Tocca’s Aqua Profumata in Catania is a creamy vanilla scent that manages to somehow stay grown-up without delving into cotton candy body spray territory 10 minutes after its sprayed.  I pair this with my Citrus Soy Body Whip from Skin, an Apothecary to smell like a creamsicle (What? I like smelling like food).

As much as I love reading the beauty section of magazines, I never understood the point of including candles and room fragrances in the same pages as lip gloss and concealer.  It wasn’t until I bought this adorable peachy Voluspa Creme de Peche candle from Preen Apothecary that I made the connection.  Lighting a pretty candle in a gorgeous glass jar, waiting for the sweet scent to fill the room – this might be the single most indulgent beauty routine ever.  Another aspect to this candle that put it into my shopping bag was the glass because the raised pattern reminds me of my great grandmother’s juice glasses.

Manicure of Note

Pale Pink and orange are having a moment together lately and I thought I would try the look on my nails.  Unfortunately the pink was so close to my skin tone that lots of people asked me why I only painted one nail on each hand.  Oh well, I think it had a nice effect even if people just thought I was forgetful.

I have not been shy about my love for calendars and this post is no exception.  When I flipped my desk calendar at work to August a few days ago, I was greeted with this picture, which made me happy.  Not just because my sister is in it and it may have been one of her first ever Instagrams but because the colors in the photo and the colors on the page design remind me so much of how fun summer is supposed to be.

I think I get so lost sometimes in work and responsibility that I forget the simple joys of warmer weather and increased hours of sunshine in these long days.  Summer is so free and lovely.

So I decided to paint my nails with this calendar page as inspiration.  I used Wet n Wild Megalast in Tropicalia for 8 of my nails and Club Havana for the 2 ring fingernails.

Ever since I saw this on a friend’s facebook, I have wanted to try it.  Basically, take a dark color (I used Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Purple Rain) as the base, and use a makeup sponge to dab on first a layer of light teal polish (Wet n Wild Megalast in I Need a Refresh-Mint) then a layer of reddish-orange-pink (Wet n Wild Megalast in Heatwave) and top it all of with a cosmic glitter (Wet n Wild  Wild Shine in Kaleidoscope turned out to be perfect).

I didn’t do this on every nail because I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out (plus I was really getting into Downton Abbey and was paying it more attention than my nails).  I think next time I’ll go for it and do every nail in the galaxy effect.

The other day I was at the drugstore and found these coral, orange, and pink things and it made me very happy.  What made me happier was the 75% off deal on the lipgloss and the BOGO on the rest!  Somewhere there’s security footage of me doing a dance in the aisle with lots of nail polish bottles in my hands.

You can’t get much for a dollar these days – maybe a pinwheel, or a gum ball, or something.  However, $1 will buy you the fabulously easy-to-use e.l.f. Essentials Nourishing Cuticle Pen, which beats the pants off a pinwheel any day (except maybe the really sparkly ones…).

I keep one of these in my desk at work and when I’m on the phone or something, I’ll break it out and condition my cuticles.  It’s called multitasking.

Do you remember that big shipment of nail decor I was waiting patiently for?  Well it finally arrived and now my nails look like fruit salad.  I had great plans to get out on my day off and explore Dayton a little bit, but unfortunately the miserably hot weather (90 degrees in May, seriously?) made me uneasy so I hunkered down in front of my computer with the fan going full blast and practiced using nail decor for the first time after only one YouTube video for guidance.

I also started watching The IT Crowd on Netflix and it’s quite addictive.  (And they have a Guided by Voices poster in the background in Season 2!)  I honestly think the real trick to perfect manicures is finding a show or movie that will hold your attention so you don’t mess up your nails.

The slices really do curl up as much as people say they do, so next time I’ll have to remember to make the dot of top coat as wide as the slice itself to help that.  After the fact, I tried pressing down on the sides of each slice that was curling up and some of them were put back into place while others are pretty much doomed to come off sooner or later.  Probably next week while I’m working in the bookstore…

I’ll have to figure out what my next color combo/fruit selection will be – and try to pull it off with a little less mess.  I might need to investigate some new nail colors.

On a shopping trip I’ve since forgotten, I purchased Kiss Nail Dress stick-on “nail fashion” in a black lace pattern featuring roses and leopard spots.  I found it while tidying up my bathroom closet and thought I would give it a try so I pulled up Netflix on my iMac and started watching Emma for the 3,000th time, pulled out my nail kit and got ready to stick on some nail polish!

Oh man, these did not work out so well.  Smoothing the bubbles out with your fingers doesn’t work very well, it would have been great if Kiss had included a stylus of some sort.  The nail file they included wasn’t fine enough to remove the excess sticker without making a sort of jagged edge.  Also, after a night of sleep, I noticed there were more air bubbles on the edge of my nail than there were when I finished the manicure the night before.  The bubbles at the edge are particularly annoying because they are jagged and sharp, which isn’t the nicest feeling when you’re applying lotion to your face.

From a slight distance, the stick-on polish designs look pretty neat.  I don’t think I’ll give these another chance, but I might try a different brand to see if they have anything better to offer.

I’m happy to report that I’ve been doing an excellent job saving money by not running to the nail salon every time I need my nails done.  I’ve been having a great time getting creative and tackling the job myself and Monday evenings before hitting the gym seem to be the operative time for me.  (Sorry for the sloppiness in the photo, I tried to keep it tidy but since I knew I wasn’t going anywhere until the next day, it didn’t seem super important.)

This time, I enjoyed some Hulu time while using my Sally Hansen Jewel Overcoat once again.  I think it turned out pretty great!  I’m starting to think that maybe I could start practicing manicures on other people…

I ordered a ton of nail stuff from ebay the other day and I’m patiently waiting for it to arrive.  I’ll be honest, one of the items is clay fruit slices, better known as Fimo Nail Art Canes.  I can’t wait to show off a fruit salad manicure!

I posted recently about how much I love the Wet n Wild Megalast nail polishes, but I always had a problem with the Sugar Coat shade never looking complete.  It was definitely missing something, but what?  Then one day while running errands, I spotted Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength Jewel Overcoat in Ring-a-Ding! – a sort of rose gold confetti glitter – and it totally clicked!  The other day, I tried to create the manicure I had so hoped would work in my head and I think it turned out really neat.  The subdued ballet pink balances the fun of the confetti glitter pretty well, if I do say so myself. (Please forgive the messiness, I was about to run to the gym but wanted to snap a few pictures beforehand in case any nail got ruined while working out.  Also, these pictures do not do the polish justice because in motion, the glitter is very shiny and sparkly.)

Lately, my two favorite drugstore nail polish brands for at-home manicures would have to be Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro and Wet n Wild Megalast.  Here are the pros of both of them:

  • Curved, flat brush for even application – it basically turns anyone into a pro nail tech (seriously, why didn’t they think of this sooner?)
  • Beautiful, on trend colors that are true – what you see is what you get
  • Good color saturation, not sheer
  • Inexpensive because you can pick these up with your prescriptions and a bag (or seven bags) of discount Easter candy at your local drugstore

I really do like both brands, but the clear winner for me is Wet n Wild Megalast.  Here’s why:

  • Wet n Wild Megalast really does last longer without chipping.  I typically get 10 days out of a manicure compared to 7 or 8 with Rimmel.
  • Wet n Wild Megalast seems to dry faster
  • Here’s the biggest reason:  You only really need one coat of Wet n Wild Megalast if you’re careful to apply the nail polish evenly.

Pictured:  Rimmel (left to right) – 410 Purple Rain, 350 Violet Metal, 110 French White Nail Tip Liner, 270 Steel Grey

Wet n Wild (left to right) – 218A I Need a Refresh-Mint, 250B Sugar Coat, 214C I Red a Good Book (to see this color on my nails, click here)