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Facing several unexpected expenses in a few months might be terrible to just about everyone, I imagine, however it was especially devastating to my husband and me because this is the first (and hopefully not last) Downtown Revival Festival – featuring our favorite band, Guided by Voices.  We couldn’t afford to go and see our favorite band on their home turf.  Ugh.  What made matters worse was that everyone assumed we were going so we got a lot of messages like “Where are you guys?” or “Come find us at the ___ tent!”  What made matters UNBEARABLE was that we could hear GBV playing off in the distance because we live downtownish.  Sigh.  It was not easy.

But rather than hang our heads, we rallied and cooked a yummy dinner with the windows open and Spotify blasting out all of our favorites from the 80s and 90s.  Dancing and singing in the kitchen to “Don’t Stop Believing” really drowns out the drums in the distance.  I made orzo and roasted vegetables from the Hope Springs Institute cookbook (you seriously need to buy this book) and drank my favorite wine of all time, Adesso Cagnina di Romagna.

We’re still bummed we missed it, but we had a blast that night either way.  It reminds me of the quote on George Takei’s facebook wall:  “The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything.”  Our home really is lovely and we love spending time here.  With that being said, will someone please tell me how much GBV rocked the festival?

On the last day of our staycation, my husband and I tried to make the best of a sad situation – having to go to work the next day – by spending time together and having fun.

We went on a walk in our neighborhood to Highland Park.  Everything looks so sad and burned up without the rain but with Julia, everything looks a little happier.

Later we spent some time relaxing and drinking almond-milk-sugar-free iced lattes at Ghostlight Coffee on their pretty patio.  It had just (finally) rained so it was actually cool enough to sit outside.

And now it’s back to reality…

I love living in Dayton (see…this entire blog for reference) but one drawback to moving here was less access to the MetroParks.  We’ve always lived so close to parks and trails that it was easy to escape for a while into another world.  We had no idea until last Sunday that Eastwood MetroPark extended so far into Dayton – Smithville Road seems to pretty much dead end in the park.  We found it Sunday midmorning and were immediately smitten with the bridges and ducks and all the families having picnics.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I can’t wait to go back!  We barely scratched the surface of this park and there is so much more to see!

On a rainy Saturday afternoon, my sister, Beth, and friend, Kayleigh, went to 2nd Street Market for Beth to pick out some food for the week and for all of us to have lunch.  We had a lot of fun buying things and eating, but when it got time for dessert, we didn’t know what to get.  So we decided to get many things and call it a dessert feast.

We had gelato from a sandwich vendor, The Chef Case (he used to offer Dolcessa gelato but they had a break-in and cannot currently make gelato) in Chocolate Hazelnut and PRESS Espresso.  Also, we had 4 whoopie pies from Thistle Confections in Nutella and Red Velvet.

We had food from The Chef Case.  I got the vegetable sandwich and brussels sprout quinoa salad.

And we saw a train in front of the market.  It said no trespassing, and I didn’t have enough caffeine in my system to ignore the sign so here is a picture from the outside of it.

I spend most weekends not participating in 5Ks – let’s say maybe 50 out of 52 weekends a year.  So you can imagine my surprise when I get invited to not 1, not 2, but 3 races on the same day, April 28, 2012.  I can’t be in 3 places at once so I thought I would share the information with my Dayton readers in case you would be interested in attending one of these races for charity.

Walking to STOP Child Abuse – 5K Walk/Run to benefit Family Violence Prevention Center

  • This 5K takes place at and around Beavercreek High School
  • My team name for this event is The Isotopes, which is a Simpsons reference (and yes, we perform about as well as the real Springfield Nuclear Power Plant team)

Dayton Peace Accords 5K Walk/Run to benefit Dayton International Peace Museum

  • It took some digging but it looks like the route will be on the Great Miami River Trail, which will be beautiful!  Wish I could make this one.

March for Babies to benefit March of Dimes

  • This one will take place at Carillon Historical Park
  • I was invited to this by my work but since it was already committed to the first one, I couldn’t go. 


A while back, I accompanied my sister on a Saturday filled with adventure.  Well, first we went to Bob Evan’s, but then… Adventure!

We went to Truth & Triumph to get her ears pierced.  Beth has some serious issues with ear piercing (she even had to get earrings surgically removed one time, and it was Prom!) so she decided to go to a professional piercing place to ensure the highest precautions were taken.  The people there are wonderful and made sure she had fun even through the inherent pain of having sharp surgical steel forced through her ear lobes.  Sorry for the bad photo but I was trying to hide because every time Beth looks at me, she laughs.

Next, we went to Salon Noir so she could get a pixie cut for the first time!  I love Salon Noir and now Beth does, too.  It’s a very neat place to spend some time while your sister has her hair cut.  There are so many things to look at, like empty frames on the wall, or silhouettes.

Here’s what she looked like after all the adventure was over:

There is nothing that says “we are homeowners in Ohio” quite like a cookout.  My husband has been crazy for a grill since the weather turned a few weeks ago.  Saturday, on the way home from an appointment, I felt him turning the car towards North Dixie Hardware unexpectedly.  Once there we found his perfect grill (finally) and took it home (you know, after brunch and a trip to Belmont Party Supply).  He was in a bit over his head with the whole ordeal so I canceled plans to help him clean the house and buy grilling supplies.  We hosted his parents for the OSU v. Syracuse game at our house that evening with hot dogs (vegetarian ones for me!) and asparagus.  I’ve never seen the husband so happy and bonus:  OSU won!

My husband had so much fun, in fact, that he decided to grill out Sunday, too.  This time he made hamburgers with jalapeños and feta cheese (he’s calling them Spartan Burgers after the Michigan State basketball team – get it?  Green and white?).  My burger was made with fake meat but I was still able to stuff it with the filling.  I made asparagus again on the grill and it was better this time.  If you want to make asparagus on the grill, take a pound of asparagus, cut and clean the stalks, arrange them on a sheet of aluminum foil, drizzle olive oil and whatever spices you like (I use red pepper flakes, garlic, sea salt, and LOTS of pepper), and 2 ice cubes.  Wrap the mess tightly so that the steam won’t escape and put it on the grill for as long as the rest of your food takes.  I think 10-15 minutes works.

Now that we are settled in our house, we have established a sort of rhythm to the weekend.  Our best weekends are loosely (if at all) planned out and just sort of unfold at an easy pace.

We start the day with brunch, many times from the Starlite Restaurant:

Next, we peruse the shelves at Belmont Party Supply (they have the most diverse beer section I’ve ever seen – I wish we could have taken my dad here because he would have refused to leave, it’s that close to a beer enthusiast/shopaholic paradise).

After taking our winnings home, we gather up our library books and walk to East Library:

No weekend is complete without a cold walk in the fading sunshine – and maybe some time on the swings.

We round out the afternoon with a trip to Ghostlight Coffee for a latte.

You’ve probably heard that Thursday is the new Friday but did you know that it’s 100% true?  I had a pretty great Thursday and took a few pictures to capture the fun.

A chicken guy from Paradise Key Cafe came to visit me at work.

We stopped in to South Park Tavern to see Wake Up Mordecai on Thursday night.  South Park Tavern has awesome food, by the way.  And pink cider on tap!

The weekend is going to have to rock to be better than this!  It probably will, but more on that later…

One weekend, Husband and I were driving around Dayton and decided to eat at Jimmie’s Cornerstone Bar but when we went inside, the [adorable] bartender told us that the kitchen was closed.  So after a few beers, we decided to venture to Butter Cafe because it looked so cute and was within walking distance. 

I ordered the lox omelet with seasoned potatoes and coffee.  I knew it was going to be amazing from the moment they brought us water…in glass jam jars!  ::squinting from painful uber-cuteness::  The food was amazing, I’m glad the afternoon unfolded like it did or we may have missed a great cafe!

Butter Cafe
1106 Brown Street
Dayton, OH  45409