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I love a trip to Eden Salon & Spa any day of the week, but there is something awesome about Saturday mornings for me.  I don’t have anywhere to go, and there isn’t a lot I can do while I wait to process other than relax.  This trip would be different though because Nicole left out Aveda’s color samples for their rainbow colors and I wasn’t able to set it back down.  I decided on a whim that I wanted, no, NEEDED violet on my hair.

Later my mom had her appointment and we got to spend some time together reminiscing about when Eden was the architectural firm we both worked at.  Her hair turned out gorgeous!

Oh, you want to see my before and after?  Well, ok.



As you can see, I’m a little blonder.  The purple is hard to see (which is what I was going for) but you get a peek at the bottom there.  Why did I do it?  Because I needed to let my Freak Flag fly for a little while before I lose it entirely.  Seriously, I never thought I’d be discussing and thinking about roof shingles and mortgages at 25 so this is a neat, temporary break from all that.

And I didn’t even do anything :)  Thank goodness for perennials.

I miss my dad on Father’s Day because I know we’d be at my parents’ house watching the Masters while my dad grills in the backyard and complains about missing the Masters to cook for us on Father’s Day.  It was a tradition that happened every year.  And every year he would say that next year we were going to grill so he could watch the whole tournament (but he secretly wouldn’t have it any other way).  Anyway, I guess I’m thinking about gardening because it was one of my father’s favorite things to do and I know he would have guilted me into doing more work in my yard by now.  So on this Father’s Day, give your dad an extra hug for always guilting you into doing what you know you need to do :)  Happy Father’s Day!

Recently after a very relaxing facial from Shear Joy Salon & Spa, I was confronted by Teresa, the salon manager, “Are you Girl About Town?”  I was sort of shocked and had to take a moment to try to remember exactly what I had written about Shear Joy before answering in the affirmative.  “I knew it!  You need to look at our new website.” 

So I’ve taken a look at it and couldn’t be happier.  The website achieves it’s purpose, which is just to occupy a space on the internet for people to land when searching for their salon.  The colors and design match the salon and spa exactly – almost as if they had the web designer take paint swatches.  The layout is simple and clean and easy to navigate. 

Take a look at their website for yourself – and while you’re at it, make an appointment!