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I am the Coffee Fairy.  Give me a day off from work and I bring coffee to my loved ones, especially my husband.  It’s something I also used to do for my dad when he was sick, not to mention many other under-caffeinated people throughout the years.  I’m not always as thoughtful as I would like to be but this is one thing that I love doing for people to show them that I appreciate them.

Since I’ve had a few vacation days, I brought coffee from Winans to my husband at work.  We just sit in my car and talk for a few minutes and it’s nice to see him at a time of day we normally would be apart.  This particular day was beautiful and sunny and for the first time in a long time not obscenely hot and humid.  Now it’s back to the real world until my next vacation.

On the last day of our staycation, my husband and I tried to make the best of a sad situation – having to go to work the next day – by spending time together and having fun.

We went on a walk in our neighborhood to Highland Park.  Everything looks so sad and burned up without the rain but with Julia, everything looks a little happier.

Later we spent some time relaxing and drinking almond-milk-sugar-free iced lattes at Ghostlight Coffee on their pretty patio.  It had just (finally) rained so it was actually cool enough to sit outside.

And now it’s back to reality…

Heedfest is the closest thing my husband and I have to a real vacation in the summer in that we both take off work for it and we try to make it as vacation-y as possible by eating at restaurants and spending time together.  We went to Butter Cafe for breakfast one morning and both ended up ordering pancakes so we called them “Vacation Pancakes.”

I had the multigrain pancakes with peaches and raspberries and my husband ordered the banana nut pancakes.  Lots of coffee and random jokes rounded out the meal and we had a blast planning out the rest of our day and laughing at each other.

Next time you’re looking to “get away” in your own home town, try pretending you’re on vacation and your brain might just believe it.