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I’m so happy to report on our one year houseiversary we have redoubled our efforts at making our house look more and more like a home.  We recently received a beautiful table and chair set from our friends and we bought a rug for the dining room.  I have table linens and I’m shopping for napkin rings (my grandmother will be thrilled, absolutely thrilled).  I feel downright domestic.

I can’t wait to host a brunch or a dinner party!

In other home news, my sister is buying a house in my neighborhood!  More people in my family owning real estate in Dayton – I’m very excited about this and I can’t wait until she is all moved in and settled.  I remember signing the ream of paper to buy our little piece of Dayton and although it was sort of daunting at the time, we’re making this big house into a home little by little.  I can’t wait to have another autumn here!  And as my husband says, “One year down, 29 more to go!”

When I have a group of photos I can’t build a post around, I file them under Random and call it a day.  Even people who are usually creative have to throw in the towel from time to time.  I hope you enjoy these all the same.

I took a vacation day a little bit ago made a trip to Cincinnati (West Chester to be specific) to visit some coworkers.  On the way back, my friend and I ended up at the Cincinnati Premium Outlets and this is a picture from Saks Fifth Avenue outlet and their very long table with a rainbow of denim.  If I were a few inches taller, I’d be all over this trend.  I just have this sneaking suspicion that I will look like a toddler in bright colored pants because I’m only 5′ tall.

This precious angel came to visit my workplace for an event.  The picture really can’t do justice to how humongous this guy really is.  If I were a criminal I would be terrified.  He let me pet him and didn’t mind that I think he’s adorable.

I debated whether or not to post this picture because it shows a mess in my house, but the power of cuteness prevailed.  Julia started sleeping on the pile of clothes next to my closet and I don’t have the heart to pick up knowing she likes it so much.  I pull a few items out of the pile to wash but I make sure to put something back so it’s still a doggie nest.

Here’s a group of photos I took on a recent date night with Husband.  We saw the Dark Knight Rises and because I haven’t been to this theatre in a long time, I forgot how cute all the neon was.

At my work, I have a little bit of control over the supply order and I try to make sure that every once in a while we get some fun Expo colors.  I didn’t know if anyone really appreciated this until I happened to be working in one of the classrooms and noticed someone had pilfered most of the fun colors!  It made my day.

If you’re getting sick of all these pictures of Julia!, remember, you asked for this.  Enjoy:


On the last day of our staycation, my husband and I tried to make the best of a sad situation – having to go to work the next day – by spending time together and having fun.

We went on a walk in our neighborhood to Highland Park.  Everything looks so sad and burned up without the rain but with Julia, everything looks a little happier.

Later we spent some time relaxing and drinking almond-milk-sugar-free iced lattes at Ghostlight Coffee on their pretty patio.  It had just (finally) rained so it was actually cool enough to sit outside.

And now it’s back to reality…

As requested, here are more pictures of Julia!

In case you were wondering about the results of the poll on my 300th post, it’s mostly that you want lots more pictures and posts about Julia!  I certainly can’t blame you, as she is the cutest dog in the entire world, so here you go!

Update 7/3/12:  Unfortunately, Suzy’s foster parents decided that our home would not be a good fit for Suzy because she showed so much dominance toward Julia.  While I believe that type of behavior can be corrected using modern positive reinforcement training, they weren’t willing to take the risk in letting them live together, which may be for the best considering they could have potentially started fights and hurt each other.  We bear no resentment as this part of the process is entirely up to the rescue group and not the potential adoptive parents.  No matter how bummed we are about this, we still feel that working with a rescue is the best way to adopt pets.

No, it’s not a baby.  Meet Suzy!  She is a terrier mix found at the same shelter Julia! was rescued from.  She is currently being fostered and we’ve been scheduling little play dates for Julia and Suzy to get to know each other little by little.  Suzy is 1 or 2 years old and has a lot of energy so it was hard to get a good picture without her wiggling away.  I adore this little girl!  I can’t wait until she’s officially part of our family.  I’ll post updates as we get closer to the adoption date.

This year, my husband and I will be celebrating a new kind of anniversary.  One year ago today, we had the great misfortune/fortune of hosting several hundred gallons of water in our apartment.  It ruined our furniture and made life pretty difficult for a while, but out of that loss came something much greater – the opportunity to start over.  (Not to mention the ability to get rid of the last of Rob’s bachelor furniture – sorry honey!)

Here are some pictures of life in our peaceful little home:

I’m sorry, I know it’s lazy but I just have so much I want to show you!  So here is my weekend in (unedited) photos:

Ok, so we start with Wake Up Mordecai at South Park Tavern.  It was a lot of fun and the food was, as always, amazing.

I painted my nails Club Havana – Wet n Wild Megalast, which is a orangey coraly concoction.  I love it but I had every intention of dressing this up a bit with some crazy fruit slices or something.  I didn’t end up getting that accomplished, but this is one of the best jobs I’ve done painting my nails.  Look, no bubbles!

I received my second postcard poem from Postcard Poets!  And it’s awesome.

There was a lot of time spent snuggling with Julia!

While I was getting some supplies out of the garage to weed my flower boxes (close your mouths, it’s not that shocking), I turned on the light and remembered again why it’s so odd.  It looks like the inside of a circus tent.  A circus tent where scary clowns perform dental procedures on people or something.  Yikes!  I think at some point this will need to be updated.

Well, there you have it!  Now back to the work week.

Hello, my name is Lauren Rinehart and I am a chronically late person.  I never arrive on time to anything.  Work, parties, movies, meetings, appointments – you name it, I’ve been late to it.  I have made some adaptations for things like job interviews (tell myself it’s an hour earlier than it is, Somewhere in Time style – although Christopher Reeve made himself believe it was 1900 in that movie so this is actually a lot less severe).  If I’ve been late to something and it affected you, I’m truly sorry.  I want to be better, I’m trying new things all the time to get better.  This is one of the things I hate most about myself and I’m determined to change.

I know this doesn’t excuse my lateness, but here’s one of the reasons why I’m late sometimes, my dog Julia.  Sure, she’s precious and that’s reason enough to hang around the house, but honestly the only problems she ever causes she reserves for right before Rob and I leave the house.  No matter what, she’s our snuggle bug and we love her.