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So after getting pretty at Eden Salon & Spa, I got ready for a night out with the girls at The Greene.  We started the evening at Pasha to eat before the show at Funny Bone.

We were going out for Jeanine’s birthday month and she seemed to love her “dream card” (she told us one day 3/4 the way through a jumbo margarita that it’s the card she’s always wanted to receive – the Mother’s Day card with the wire hangers mom on the front [my sister had to make it because it’s September and it’s hard to find humorous Mother’s Day cards this late/early depending on how you look at it]).

So where were we?  Oh we haven’t left Pasha yet.  We loved the food, as always, and the requisite Turkish coffee afterward (Tip:  Don’t drink it to the bottom, just don’t do it).  We took our first group photo of the night.

We made it to Funny Bone in plenty of time to be seated in the front and get our drinks ordered.  The show was super funny, which is great because we were all a little worried we wouldn’t know how to handle the situation if our friend, Corey, didn’t turn out to be very funny.

He was, so all awkwardness was avoided.  We took our second group photo of the night.

By the time we left Funny Bone, we could have called it a night but Jeanine was the lady in charge and she said Wine Loft so we walked briskly in the rain to the Wine Loft where no more organized photos were taken.

We did, however, get to try the mini Guinneys (instead of a little beer, it’s a miniature Guinness, get it?) and they were a really interesting take on the probably very fattening shot.  This is where I leave the story because my husband came to pick me up, which ended up being a good idea because I didn’t wake up with even a little hangover.  Hallelujah



Before seeing The Godfather II at the Michelob Ultra Cool Film Series at the Victoria Theatre, Beth and Kayleigh decided to go out to dinner (yes, for Beth’s birthday.  Don’t worry, she already knows it’s excessive).  I decided to tag along and they didn’t stop me so we headed to Roost Modern Italian in the Oregon District.  Having only been to Roost for a very yummy brunch, I didn’t really know what to expect for their dinner menu.  I was thrilled that they had so many vegetarian options but sad that they had very little to comply with my diet.  Since I was already there and sitting down and it was such a nice day, I just went for it and had a pasta feast.  It was totally worth it.

We sat on the patio to partake in the ambiance of the Oregon District and among other great things, saw one of my friends from high school sitting in and half out of a window across the street.  Since he couldn’t hear me, I made sure to tell him that we were worried he would fall out of the window via Facebook.  Technology is a wonderful tool for people who worry too much like me.

The weather was perfect for dinner on the patio and I hope we get a chance to go back before it gets too cold to enjoy it.  Since we had late spring weather in March, who knows if autumn will be early, too?

As the anthropologist in the family, I feel it’s my job to explain to my family that our family’s approach to birthdays might be a little unorthodox.  We tend to have a birthmonth rather than a birthday, which is pretty extravagant considering even Paris Hilton had a modest birthweek in celebration of her 21st.  In our family, first you have your family party, next is your birthday dinner at the restaurant of your choice, then a party or two for your friends to attend.

We tried discussing this topic further at my sister’s second birthday celebration of August, this time on her actual birthday of August 14.  For the third year in a row, we dined at El Rancho Grande in Vandalia (they said on year 5 they will give her the damn sombrero).  While eating and drinking in celebration of her birth, Beth described the party room of the location where her third and presumably final birthday celebration of 2012 will be held.  Somehow I don’t think my cultural input was taking hold…

But who cares?  Life is short – since you’re not guaranteed a certain number of birthdays when you only have one a year, you might as well have as many as you like.  Happy Birthmonth, Beth!

Since I didn’t get you a real present (other than a gym membership, which is in the gift hall of fame for being the WORST GIFT EVER), I’m dedicating this post to you and filling it with all of your favorite things.

1.  Beer – Only the cheapest will do!

2.  Basketball – Go UD, go go UD!

3.  Bears – no wait, that’s mine.

4.  Guided by Voices – or their Christian Rock equivalent, Guided by Choices

5.  Cheap Trick – Bun E. Carlos wanted me to wish you a Happy Birthday

6.  Neil Young – especially Trans

7.  Walking – especially in nature, while listening to Trans

8.  Julia – walking buddy and expert snuggler

9. South Park Tavern – best food ever, best beer selection ever, just best ever.

10. ME!!!

I love you so much! Happy Birthday!!!

(All Images via Google Image Search – except Julia and Me and Rob/Julia)

Did you know that I was named after this woman?

The lovely Lauren Bacall.

The story goes like this:  My mom and dad were very sure that I would be a boy so they picked out a boy name, Jeremy.  When they found out I wasn’t going to be a boy, they thought it was a trick (or had more important things to do than think of a girl name for their first born daughter) because when December 8, 1986 came around, the hospital could only call me “Baby Girl.”  After I was born, my family was all gathered in the delivery room.  The topic of my birth was already old news so my grandpa was making conversation and mentioned he had watched a movie the night before featuring Lauren Bacall.  Even being drugged up as she was, my mother thought Lauren would be a perfect fit and my dad agreed and the rest is history!

My family had a birthday party for me last night and the highlight of the evening had to be when I opened a present from my grandma that she bought at the dollar store – a collar and hat for Julia for Christmas!  It was tricky getting her to wear something so humiliating but she calmly let us take a few pictures before ripping it all off.  My mom captured my favorite one and posted it on her blog, Pets Jubilee.

The holidays are – and have always been – a bit of a paradox for me.  I’m torn between wanting to shop for my loved ones and wanting to pick out things for myself because my birthday is December 8th.  I usually end up blending the two drives into 2 months of non-stop renegade shopping and wish listing.  Here is one thing that will be appearing on my wish list this year:

I found these on Etsy by nicolemariejewelry and I pick the copper rutilated quartz necklace (second from the left), ok?  Thanks!