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After a long night of hiking around Dayton taking photos for the Dayton in Focus contest, my sister and I gathered a small group of friends to visit The Wine Gallery and Cafe.  I had never been there and was very excited about the walls of wine, although I found it sort of overwhelming.  I’ll have to go back when I’m less tired to actually peruse their selection and see about buying a bottle.  This place reminds me vaguely of Cork & Vine, but not as trendy.

We drank wine and ate cookies, which to be honest is most likely what we would have been doing at home anyways.  At least this seems more social.  I tried the Sweet Motif Wine Flight.

I think I’ll go back to The Wine Gallery to try their food, which I’ve heard is very good.  Reading the menu made me happy, especially the avocado hummus.  I’m pretty sure I could just eat that with a spoon.

The Wine Gallery and Cafe
5 West Monument Avenue
Dayton, OH  45402
(937) 224-9463 

Last Sunday, my sister (Sad Robots) and I ventured to Ghostlight Coffee to discuss our strategy for the Dayton in Focus photography contest.  I think with Beth’s iPhone camera skills, this should be a cake walk since she’ll be using an actual camera for the contest.

Here are some black and white cookies from Thistle Confections (I had to really focus on not eating one and just taking a picture of the other one).  Personally, I don’t think enough baked goods are stamped with adorable owls.

I love Ghostlight’s Cold Brew!  They sell it in bottles now so you can have yummy iced coffee at home.  I’d buy one except that I currently have access to yummy iced coffee all week 3 minutes from my house.  I honestly think if Ghostlight delivered, I’d never leave.  There would be very little reason to leave the house, wear presentable clothing, or put on makeup.

I’m always impressed when I get a fortune cookie that not only makes sense but also has something to offer in terms of wisdom.  (I’ve long given up on the idea that they should have an actual “fortune” in them like “You will be rich one day, somehow” or something.)

Here’s one I cracked open the other day that made a lot of sense to me:

“It’s always better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”

Inside (mian)

Lucky numbers:  13, 50, 26, 45, 18, 36

What fortune do you want to see in your cookie?

I found this fortune while cleaning out my purse one day:

“A schedule defends from chaos and whim.”

On the back it reads that the word for Lettuce is sheng cai.

Lucky Numbers 19, 30, 55, 18, 53, 21