In 2010, Karma Salon & Spa of Dayton, OH shut its doors and left in the dark of night, never to be heard from again.  Some of us had appointments that would no longer occur, gift cards that would not be redeemed, but worst of all – we lost an affordable, friendly day spa in the Vandalia-Butler area.  Although I get different services at various places all over the Greater Dayton area, I always maintain a short list of “go-to” salons:  Salons I can trust to do anything and everything I need whether it’s for a planned event or a last-minute emergency, usually very local to me and affordable.  This doesn’t have to be the salon to which I trust my cut or color, just the salon that can make me look great when I need them to.  Karma was that salon for me, but it didn’t last. 

My aesthetician from Karma went to Shear Joy in Vandalia so my husband and I picked up our biweekly brow waxes there without skipping a beat.  Could Shear Joy be my new go-to salon and spa?  I wasn’t sure.

The free-standing building conforms to the current trend in budget construction – an exact rectangular prism with as few windows as possible.  I never thought about setting foot in there, no matter how badly I needed a new salon.  After seeing the inside of the salon, it’s actually very well appointed with a very simple, purple/80’s theme.  Each station is a complete mini-salon where the stylists have their own phone extensions for scheduling appointments, their own sinks, storage cabinets, and scheduling books.  The LMT has her own small massage room and Amanda, my aesthetician, has her own room for facials, waxing, and treatments.  I feel very comfortable here and have tried almost everything Shear Joy has to offer, including pedicures, massages, facials, and waxes. 

In sum, I highly recommend this friendly, affordable salon to anyone looking for a simple place to get great services by unpretentious professionals whose only goal is to make their customers beautiful.

Shear Joy
805 South Dixie Drive 
Vandalia, OH  45377-2645
(937) 890-7077