On May 1, DPO held their final concert in the Symphony Sundaes series at the Masonic Center in downtown Dayton.  The performance was lively and entertaining, albeit brief, with a featured violinist performing halfway through.  The crowd was mostly composed of seniors with only a handful of people under 65 therefore the trudge downstairs to the dining area for ice cream was slow and crowded.  We stood in a long line for what seemed like an eternity for a pre-packaged cup of Graeter’s ice cream, which was available in 4 flavors:  Strawberry Chip, Black Raspberry Chip, Chocolate, and Vanilla (all delicious).  Knowing how many tickets were sold for this event, I was expecting it to have been planned accordingly with possibly more than one table from which to select ice cream. 

All in all, the music was wonderful, the venue was beautiful, and the ice cream was delicious but hard to get (my sister even sustained a death-stare from a woman in front of her in line).  As always, the saving grace of this ill-planned event and all others was the fact that I was there with my family, who can make me laugh through anything; even a concert in an un-air conditioned historical venue with sewer gas leaking into the women’s restroom and an unbelievably long wait for ice cream among a sea of rude seniors. 

Delicious Graeter's Black Raspberry Chip Ice Cream