When some women experience internal turmoil, they may eat ice cream, buy (gasp, RETAIL) shoes, or punch a hole through some dry wall.  I, on the other hand, tend to stockpile lotions, hair care products, etc.  It’s a sickness that I have no intention of working on at all (despite having less and less counter space in my bathroom).  Skin, an Apothecary, located in Dayton, Ohio, helps me score a much needed fix with their line of Soy Body Whips, Sugar/Salt Scrubs, and (much lauded) French Hair Paste.

They do not have a store front of their own so their products are available for purchase at Preen Apothecary and Shear Joy locally.  Unfortunately, no one retailer has 100% of the products Skin has to offer so visit their website for their full product menu.