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So after getting pretty at Eden Salon & Spa, I got ready for a night out with the girls at The Greene.  We started the evening at Pasha to eat before the show at Funny Bone.

We were going out for Jeanine’s birthday month and she seemed to love her “dream card” (she told us one day 3/4 the way through a jumbo margarita that it’s the card she’s always wanted to receive – the Mother’s Day card with the wire hangers mom on the front [my sister had to make it because it’s September and it’s hard to find humorous Mother’s Day cards this late/early depending on how you look at it]).

So where were we?  Oh we haven’t left Pasha yet.  We loved the food, as always, and the requisite Turkish coffee afterward (Tip:  Don’t drink it to the bottom, just don’t do it).  We took our first group photo of the night.

We made it to Funny Bone in plenty of time to be seated in the front and get our drinks ordered.  The show was super funny, which is great because we were all a little worried we wouldn’t know how to handle the situation if our friend, Corey, didn’t turn out to be very funny.

He was, so all awkwardness was avoided.  We took our second group photo of the night.

By the time we left Funny Bone, we could have called it a night but Jeanine was the lady in charge and she said Wine Loft so we walked briskly in the rain to the Wine Loft where no more organized photos were taken.

We did, however, get to try the mini Guinneys (instead of a little beer, it’s a miniature Guinness, get it?) and they were a really interesting take on the probably very fattening shot.  This is where I leave the story because my husband came to pick me up, which ended up being a good idea because I didn’t wake up with even a little hangover.  Hallelujah


I love brunch and I love my friends so when these two things come together, it can be hard to go back to our normal non-brunch lives.  Such was the case this past Saturday when Jeanine, Beth, and I ventured to Mimi’s Cafe at The Greene for brunch at around 1:00 pm and didn’t end up getting home until 1:00 am the following day.  Here’s what happened:

1:00 pm:  Meet at Mimi’s Cafe for brunch and mimosas, catching up, and laughing loud enough to make the neighboring tables a little uncomfortable.

2:30 pm:  Descend on the shops of The Greene.  After spending some time at Old Navy, we went to Von Maur, which is the fanciest place ever.  Take a look at these shots we took in the bathroom.  Seriously.

And did I mention everyone’s favorite destination within Von Maur?  It’s the clearance shoe room.  These shoes here are definitely destined for the clearance room as they are covered in what appears to be casino carpet.

6:30 pm:  Gather a group of people at The Pub and stumble out somewhere in the neighborhood of 1:00 am.  Best 12 Hour Brunch EVER.