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There are few places that make me quite so immediately happy as South Park Tavern.  Their food is awesome – they even have whole wheat pizza crust!  I love the beer selection, which changes constantly with all drafts written on a giant black board by the bar.  Their bottles and cans are well received because they sell some cheaper favorites people can’t always get at every bar (Schlitz, Old Style, etc.).  South Park Tavern frequently has live music, but if you’re not into the band, you could always enjoy the night air in their patio seating.  One of my favorite aspects of South Park is that the staff all seem to get along really well, which makes the whole vibe of the place very calm and friendly.  I swear, sometimes you walk into a restaurant and feel the tension immediately, whereas here you can walk in stressed and leave completely relaxed.

South Park Tavern
1301 Wayne Avenue
Dayton, OH  45410

I’m sorry, I know it’s lazy but I just have so much I want to show you!  So here is my weekend in (unedited) photos:

Ok, so we start with Wake Up Mordecai at South Park Tavern.  It was a lot of fun and the food was, as always, amazing.

I painted my nails Club Havana – Wet n Wild Megalast, which is a orangey coraly concoction.  I love it but I had every intention of dressing this up a bit with some crazy fruit slices or something.  I didn’t end up getting that accomplished, but this is one of the best jobs I’ve done painting my nails.  Look, no bubbles!

I received my second postcard poem from Postcard Poets!  And it’s awesome.

There was a lot of time spent snuggling with Julia!

While I was getting some supplies out of the garage to weed my flower boxes (close your mouths, it’s not that shocking), I turned on the light and remembered again why it’s so odd.  It looks like the inside of a circus tent.  A circus tent where scary clowns perform dental procedures on people or something.  Yikes!  I think at some point this will need to be updated.

Well, there you have it!  Now back to the work week.

You’ve probably heard that Thursday is the new Friday but did you know that it’s 100% true?  I had a pretty great Thursday and took a few pictures to capture the fun.

A chicken guy from Paradise Key Cafe came to visit me at work.

We stopped in to South Park Tavern to see Wake Up Mordecai on Thursday night.  South Park Tavern has awesome food, by the way.  And pink cider on tap!

The weekend is going to have to rock to be better than this!  It probably will, but more on that later…