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Here is a list of the foods I miss the most now that I’ve changed my ways:

1.  Beer – I’ll admit, I haven’t completely given this up but I used to have more of it and I miss that.

2.  Cupcakes, Whoopie Pies, Cookies, Cake – basically any baked good.  I love cake more than any other dessert so it’s been tough not having an occasional cookie here and there.  I even made cookies the other day for a coworker and it took everything I had will power-wise to not eat one.

3.  Ice Cream & Fro Yo – Nothing can take the place of peanut butter chocolate chip ice cream or a big bowl of fro yo covered in almonds and strawberries.  Sigh.  Also, Pinkberry is my favorite fro yo but it’s only in NYC and Japan.

4.  Mac & Cheese – I love everything about macaroni and cheese, especially with lots of pepper.

5.  Slushies – These are low in fat but 100% sugar and ice.  I miss them so much, especially when the temperatures seem to be stuck around 100 degrees every day.

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I decided to try Advocare, and the cleanse was really challenging but very rewarding.  Now that it’s over I’ve really learned to appreciate the foods I eat more than ever.  It sort of got me to start thinking of food as fuel again, rather than purely entertainment, comfort, etc.  I’ve cut most of the sugar out of my diet and I rarely miss it.  However, there are many temptations and it can be hard at times to stick 100% to the plan.  The worst thing is the beautiful free goodies people bring in at work (see below) because work is stressful and I love to eat sweets and carb-heavy foods when I’m stressed.

At the 14 day mark, I had lost 6 pounds and some inches!  More importantly, I’m feeling a lot better, which makes it hard to find good excuses to avoid the gym anymore.  I notice, too, that I’m working harder at the gym probably because I’m feeling less icky and tired all the time.  I realized that it’s probably not normal for a 25-year-old to be so tired just from working and so forth.  More updates to follow!

On a rainy Saturday afternoon, my sister, Beth, and friend, Kayleigh, went to 2nd Street Market for Beth to pick out some food for the week and for all of us to have lunch.  We had a lot of fun buying things and eating, but when it got time for dessert, we didn’t know what to get.  So we decided to get many things and call it a dessert feast.

We had gelato from a sandwich vendor, The Chef Case (he used to offer Dolcessa gelato but they had a break-in and cannot currently make gelato) in Chocolate Hazelnut and PRESS Espresso.  Also, we had 4 whoopie pies from Thistle Confections in Nutella and Red Velvet.

We had food from The Chef Case.  I got the vegetable sandwich and brussels sprout quinoa salad.

And we saw a train in front of the market.  It said no trespassing, and I didn’t have enough caffeine in my system to ignore the sign so here is a picture from the outside of it.

I have loved Fresh Sugar lip gloss since 2006 – the smell is lemony fresh, the consistency is perfect and non-sticky, the colors are sheer.  However, as wonderful as this product truly is, it has one flaw.  For some reason, it leaks everywhere all the time.  Never throw this lip gloss in your purse and go or you’ll have an icky mess to try to clean out later.  I keep this lip gloss on my counter in the bathroom or wrapped in a paper towel in a ziploc if I decide I have to take it with me somewhere.

This lip gloss is normally available around $18 either from their website or Sephora – the shade in the picture is Sugar Shag, a perfect sheer true red.  Also in the mix is SPF 15 – and there is really sugar in the formula!