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I really want to learn Spanish but I also really don’t want to spend time or money doing so (unrealistic desires are one of my more annoying qualities).  So on a recent trip to the library, I was delighted to find Lonely Planet’s Spanish Phrasebook & Dictionary – this tiny tome packs in a ton of essential Spanish for travelers.  The most I would ever get to use my knowledge on is one of the many amazing and authentic Mexican restaurants in the Greater Dayton Area.  Chains like El Toro, El Rancho Grande, La Piñata, etc. give the people of Dayton a great opportunity to appreciate another culture, and even if the servers all speak English, sometimes they don’t mind helping you make a fool of yourself attempting to speak their first language.

The only times I really feel that I need to know Spanish usually involve food.  Being someone who doesn’t eat meat can make it hard to order food at restaurants where you can’t always communicate 100% effectively (but keep in mind, I’m pretty sure if you said you were a vegetarian at Applebee’s, you’d get some blank stares in response as well).  Add to the mix any additional food restrictions and you might have to resort to charades.  To keep you from flailing around like a moron, here are some helpful phrases:

¿Tienen comida vegetariana?  Do you have vegetarian food?

No como carne roja.  I don’t eat red meat.

¿Tienen comida vegetariana restricta?  Do you have vegan food?

¿Me puede preparar una comida sin…?  Could you prepare a meal without…

huevo  eggs

pescado fish

caldo de carne meat

cerdo pork

aves poultry

Soy vegetariano/a.  I’m vegetarian

Estoy a regimen especial.  I’m on a special diet.


1.  Learn Spanish – for real this time.  I’m recycling this one from 2011…to help the environment…

2.  Use all of my Groupons/Living Social coupons by their expiration date.

3.  Lose weight – unless I don’t feel like it.  I mean, food is amazing.  And not working out beats working out by 100%…

4.  Get my finances back on track – which shouldn’t be too hard since I don’t plan on buying any more houses in 2012.

5.  Figure out some sort of vague life plan for myself.  This can’t be all there is, can it?  Plus everyone I’m even barely acquainted with feels the need to ask me every once in a while what I’m doing with my life so I guess I’ll take the year to figure out some sort of answer.  Life is short, after all.