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I like my job just fine, but you need a break from time to time and recently I decided to take a half day to relax a little before a big, scary Monday.  I still wanted to have my semi-monthly lunch date/Secretary therapy session with my friends Tina and Megan so after I was off the clock, we headed to Sake on Miller Lane in Vandalia.  I hadn’t been there since I was probably 13 or so and nothing had really changed, which was nice.  The place is still a lot of fun and I love how they don’t skip on anything even though it’s lunch.

We might need to work this place into our normal rotation of restaurants because after lunch at Sake, it really feels like you’ve been away for a while.  Without noticing it, they get you entertained, well fed, and out the door in plenty of time to get back to work (unless, of course, you took a half day).

7260 Miller Lane
Dayton, OH  45414
(937) 898-9834

It took me a long time to be able to post about these glasses because I’ve been trying to find a way to explain how and why I feel this way, but looking at and reading about these Ekke Shot Glasses just makes me feel my dad’s presence.  These are exactly the type of glasses he would have been over the moon with considering the craftsmanship, slate color, and soapstone material.  When I look at these glasses, I see my dad.  It’s not just something he would have bought, it seems to embody the essence of who he was – and still is to me.  And please don’t make fun of me for this, I don’t really get it either.  I wish I could explain it, I really do.

For the first time, I went to World A’Fair despite this being the 38th annual event they’ve put on.  Honestly, I have no idea how I’ve managed to avoid it all these years.  I love trying new foods from around the world, I love crafts and trinkets from faraway places, and I love to drink – how have I never been to World A’Fair before 2011?

When you arrive, you encounter rows upon rows of booths set up for each participating country, each selling food, drinks, and souvenirs.  The constant surge of people walking every which way can be a little overwhelming – it was for me – but once you’ve had a chance to sit down and plan where you want to revisit, it becomes manageable.  I spent 4 hours there and didn’t get a chance to more than glimpse some of the booths.

Golden Llama

I ate mochi and naan, drank sake and strawberry water, and bought a miniature brass llama to commemorate the afternoon.

This year, World A’Fair was held at the Dayton Convention Center although it has changed venues many times throughout the years.  I’m looking forward to World A’Fair 2012 wherever it’s located.