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I guess not everyone knows that my mom knows how to bake awesome homemade dog treats because when my boss asked me where she could buy some, I looked at her like that was a silly question, causing her to look at me like I’m a crazy person.  Once we got all that straightened out, I said my mom and I would be happy to whip up some dog treats for my boss’ friend who has 5 big dogs.  It’s my boss’ friend’s birthday and rather than gifts for herself, she asked for gifts for her dogs since two of them are sick and need some special treatment.  So we made these treats with lots of love because dogs are family.

We made pumpkin peanut butter brownie bites and also French toast for dogs (but I don’t have a picture of that for some reason).  When it was all said and done, and my boss came to pick up the treats, they filled two gallon-sized storage bags so I hope these doggies are very hungry.

If you’re interested in pumpkin brownies for your doggies, let me know.  Maybe my mom could be persuaded to open her Etsy shop again.


A year ago today, my father passed away.  It’s been the hardest year of my life and it obviously makes it hard to want to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  So I started thinking about gift ideas that would make my dad happy and surprise! it made me happy, too!  I’ve been trying to keep up this positive thought process – basically, when I get sad about missing him so much, I remember a happy memory or think of something he would laugh at or enjoy and it makes it hurt a little less.  So here are some gifts I wish I could get my dad this year:

Personalized Pen Set

This rosewood engraved pen set is gorgeous and exactly the kind of thing my dad would appreciate as a practical and thoughtful gift.

Marble Pound Cake

Like most men, the way to my dad’s heart was often through his stomach.  He loved when we went the homemade route and would have loved a marble pound cake for Valentine’s Day.  Nothing says love like 1 & 1/2 sticks of butter!


My dad loved to garden so the only type of roses he would want given to him are the kind you can plant.  These rose bushes are available for purchase online!  It doens’t get easier than that.