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I’m so happy to report on our one year houseiversary we have redoubled our efforts at making our house look more and more like a home.  We recently received a beautiful table and chair set from our friends and we bought a rug for the dining room.  I have table linens and I’m shopping for napkin rings (my grandmother will be thrilled, absolutely thrilled).  I feel downright domestic.

I can’t wait to host a brunch or a dinner party!

In other home news, my sister is buying a house in my neighborhood!  More people in my family owning real estate in Dayton – I’m very excited about this and I can’t wait until she is all moved in and settled.  I remember signing the ream of paper to buy our little piece of Dayton and although it was sort of daunting at the time, we’re making this big house into a home little by little.  I can’t wait to have another autumn here!  And as my husband says, “One year down, 29 more to go!”


No joke, this table is amazing.  My husband’s family friends were getting rid of everything they had in storage and that included this table and chair set from Heywood Wakefield, one of the best known Mid Century Modern furniture makers in the business.  I’ll need to do some research to figure out what this table is really worth and let the original owners know so that they have the option of getting it back from us if they decide they want to sell it instead, in which case we would never be able to afford it.

You may be asking yourself, “Why on Earth does Lauren have this table in the basement?”  Actually, my husband didn’t think I would like it so he got it set up in the basement instead of the dining room.  If they don’t want it back, I’m going to take the opportunity to recover the seats and thoroughly clean everything.  We also will need an area rug to protect the floor.  Looks like I have some shopping to do!

This year, my husband and I will be celebrating a new kind of anniversary.  One year ago today, we had the great misfortune/fortune of hosting several hundred gallons of water in our apartment.  It ruined our furniture and made life pretty difficult for a while, but out of that loss came something much greater – the opportunity to start over.  (Not to mention the ability to get rid of the last of Rob’s bachelor furniture – sorry honey!)

Here are some pictures of life in our peaceful little home:

I have never had a lot of luck picking out nightstands.  The ones I like the best are too expensive, or they’re vintage and only one is available, or the reasonably priced ones are all humongous, etc. ad infinitum.  I’m thrilled to report, however, that I picked up a random business card, went to the website on the card, and may have stumbled upon the nightstands I’ve been looking for.

The company is called Neat Stuff! named after what customers proclaim when they see the furniture for the first time (so cute!).  In the screenshot, it ‘s the little white table.  It looks like I could either contact them and go to their house to see the tables in person and possibly order a set or I could try to catch them at one of the festivals where they will have a booth set up.  But that would mean waiting until June… hmm.  I am kind of sick of not having nightstands so I might have to speed up this process.  Updates to follow, naturally.

Over the weekend, I found an amazing pair of chairs on Craigslist.  I absolutely loved them at first sight and knew that I couldn’t rest until I had them in my house.  I called the woman who listed them and scheduled a time with her so that I could pick them up Tuesday evening.  Not only did I get two amazing chairs out of the deal, I got a chance to visit another world for a while – Brandt, Ohio is the quaintest little town, like the set from some coming-of-age movie.  I should have taken pictures but it didn’t occur to me until after we had driven out of the small town.

Here are the beautiful chairs in what will probably be their permanent home in the living room, although I have more thinking to do on the subject…

1.  I always make sure to have ample furniture to set drinks on but for some reason, I can’t use a table for this.  I always balance my coffee mugs, cups, plates, bowls, etc. on my body while I’m using them.  I have no idea why.  This particular image is of my balancing act, this time with a delicious latte from Ghostlight Coffee.

2.  When I see anything in print, I check it over for grammatical and spelling errors.  If there aren’t any, I focus on style, diction, and syntax.  This is a picture I took at the gym of a typewritten letter a man wrote to anyone who would read it about why Obama is the worst president in history.  It was very funny, although I doubt the humor was intentional.

3.  When I see abandoned golf balls, I think about my dad.  He would snatch these up in a heartbeat.  Also, he would stand in the yard and hit golf balls – he even created his own little putting green (yes, he actually got down on the ground and measured the grass height).  So I guess when I saw these in my yard, I couldn’t help but to think he was out there somewhere trying to give me a sign that he has seen and approves of our new house.