As the anthropologist in the family, I feel it’s my job to explain to my family that our family’s approach to birthdays might be a little unorthodox.  We tend to have a birthmonth rather than a birthday, which is pretty extravagant considering even Paris Hilton had a modest birthweek in celebration of her 21st.  In our family, first you have your family party, next is your birthday dinner at the restaurant of your choice, then a party or two for your friends to attend.

We tried discussing this topic further at my sister’s second birthday celebration of August, this time on her actual birthday of August 14.  For the third year in a row, we dined at El Rancho Grande in Vandalia (they said on year 5 they will give her the damn sombrero).  While eating and drinking in celebration of her birth, Beth described the party room of the location where her third and presumably final birthday celebration of 2012 will be held.  Somehow I don’t think my cultural input was taking hold…

But who cares?  Life is short – since you’re not guaranteed a certain number of birthdays when you only have one a year, you might as well have as many as you like.  Happy Birthmonth, Beth!