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I like my job just fine, but you need a break from time to time and recently I decided to take a half day to relax a little before a big, scary Monday.  I still wanted to have my semi-monthly lunch date/Secretary therapy session with my friends Tina and Megan so after I was off the clock, we headed to Sake on Miller Lane in Vandalia.  I hadn’t been there since I was probably 13 or so and nothing had really changed, which was nice.  The place is still a lot of fun and I love how they don’t skip on anything even though it’s lunch.

We might need to work this place into our normal rotation of restaurants because after lunch at Sake, it really feels like you’ve been away for a while.  Without noticing it, they get you entertained, well fed, and out the door in plenty of time to get back to work (unless, of course, you took a half day).

7260 Miller Lane
Dayton, OH  45414
(937) 898-9834

I never expected to fall so deeply in love with any show on PBS, but then earlier this week I was itching to watch season 2 (after devouring season 1 in a few days) but couldn’t get my hands on it.  I tried requesting it from the library but I was 169th in line.  Then I thought about buying it outright but that was too expensive.  My husband’s suggestion was the most absurd of all:  Just wait for it to come to Netflix.  Umm, I did that – I waited 24 hours and it’s still not there so waiting more is not going to happen.  I was about to start writing Downton Abbey fan fiction when I received a $25 iTunes gift card in the mail (one of the perks to one of my credit cards), which I took as a sign from the universe that I should buy season 2 from iTunes and watch them all back to back and call off work.  I only did the former – buy it – and I’m trying instead to take it slow and watch just one episode at a time because there are only ten after all.  Sigh.

Downton Abbey combines everything I love in a TV show:  Romance, intrigue, thinly veiled sarcasm, very dry wit, women with English stoicism, 1910s, sprawling country estates, women’s suffrage, and World War I.  You can see why I also love Glee and Mad Men.  Plus, after I’ve watched an episode, my inner monologue is in a British accent just like my GPS!

I’m a complete nerd.  No, I’m not fishing for compliments or anything, I really am a nerd – and on Trivia Night, it totally pays off*.  I’m the designated Team Anchor in that I know 70% of the answers (history, literature, music questions).  My sister (pop culture questions), Kayleigh (song/artist questions), and I (plus an ever-changing carousel of occasional team members) have been playing every Thursday night at Max & Erma’s on Miller Lane for months now and we normally win.  I mean, most of the time.  Well, frequently.

*”Pays off” in the form of Max & Erma’s gift certificates.

Unfortunately, we tried to take part in the tournament but both poor planning and bad management on the part of Tyler Entertainment made this impossible.  They never informed anyone that there could only be 4 people on the team, and made us and several other teams forfeit (or send members to the bar area) in the middle of dinner.  Sigh.  I won’t go in to all of the silliness that evening (because it would take up 3 blog posts), but suffice it to say we made the best of a bad situation (and Free Cookies [plural!!!] Wednesday didn’t hurt either).

I think despite the issues with the entertainment company, we’ll still take part in the normal trivia games, just no more tournaments, please.  Or maybe we could get some modern entertainment companies to take over.

We use a different team name each time, here are some good ones:

  • The Suck It, Trebek!s
  • Coffee Talk with Linda Richman
  • $Texas  (pronounced “Texas with a Dollar Sign”)
  • and our perennial favorite:  The Merv Griffin Sets

The Public Art in Vandalia Committee (with the help of the Vandalia Cultural Arts Committee – represent!) will be holding an event Sunday, September 18, 2011 from 1:00 – 6:00 pm to dedicate 5 sculptures around Vandalia in an art crawl that begins and ends at Lichtenfels Park. 

For complete information, including a schedule of events, click here!

The following sculptures will be dedicated:

  • “Bellwether” by Todd Frahm will be placed at the Vandalia Recreation Center.
  • “Sunset” by Lasha Khidasheli will be located on the front lawn of the Vandalia Justice Center.
  • “Inward and Outward: All in All” by John Leon will be placed at Cassel Hills Golf Course.
  • “Last Love VI” by Patrick Sullivan will be located at Seger Park.
  • “At Play in Geologic Time” by Matthew Weir will be placed in Lichtenfels Park.

Come out and enjoy public art!  I’ll be at the magnetic sculpture booth after the crawl helping out as a member of the Vandalia Cultural Arts Committee.