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As someone who doesn’t love doughnuts, it takes a certain kind of Sunday to get me in the mind frame to go in search of some.  A while back, my husband and I set out to find this charming doughnut place in Kettering that we often pass by but had never stopped in before.

Stan, the Donut Man is adorable and straight out of 1955, miniature American flag and all.  The doughnuts were as good as doughnuts can be, which is not thrilling to me, but really hit the spot during one of my rare doughnut cravings.  Having been raised on Jim’s Donuts, where sitting around and listening to war veterans talk all day is a surprisingly treasured pastime of Vandalia youth (please don’t tell anyone), I’m used to the idea of a doughnut shop being relaxing and welcoming.  Stan’s is decidedly not that sort of place in that they only have a few very uncomfortable stools and look at you like you’re a crazy person for asking to have your order “for here.”

But now that I know this is a takeout only sort of place, I won’t make that mistake again.  I think Stan, the Donut Man is a great shop and I’m glad we finally made a stop there.

Stan, the Donut Man
1441 Wilmington Avenue
Dayton, OH  45420
(937) 293-1080

I decided to try Advocare, and the cleanse was really challenging but very rewarding.  Now that it’s over I’ve really learned to appreciate the foods I eat more than ever.  It sort of got me to start thinking of food as fuel again, rather than purely entertainment, comfort, etc.  I’ve cut most of the sugar out of my diet and I rarely miss it.  However, there are many temptations and it can be hard at times to stick 100% to the plan.  The worst thing is the beautiful free goodies people bring in at work (see below) because work is stressful and I love to eat sweets and carb-heavy foods when I’m stressed.

At the 14 day mark, I had lost 6 pounds and some inches!  More importantly, I’m feeling a lot better, which makes it hard to find good excuses to avoid the gym anymore.  I notice, too, that I’m working harder at the gym probably because I’m feeling less icky and tired all the time.  I realized that it’s probably not normal for a 25-year-old to be so tired just from working and so forth.  More updates to follow!