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I am nervous excited to report that my little blog is upgrading to bigger and better things.  I don’t know or understand all the details yet but I’ve put my sister (Sad Robots) at the helm and trust her completely.  Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come:

 The blog might be down for a while during the process, but hopefully not for long.

Thank you all for reading and for bearing with us while we redecorate!


I never have a lot of faith in things delivered in pen form (other than ink, I suppose).  They tried putting white-out in pens and it always got clogged.  Lip gloss pens can leave giant drops of pink on your white dress.  However, LAQA & Co. might be on to something with these Nail Polish Pens.

I’ll admit, I was skeptical.  I ordered a gift set from Gloss48 when the sale came up and when they arrived I queued up  a (terrible) movie on Netflix called Daydream Nation (I thought with a title taken from Sonic Youth, what could go wrong?).  Even while rolling my eyes at this movie, I didn’t mess up my nails at all, which means that the control you get with a pen brush applicator really does help tremendously.

The color in the photo that I’m wearing is Incestuous (icky name, beautiful color).  I have 3 coats on because that’s what was recommended on the packaging.  I think 3 is necessary to make the polish look even.  The drying time was very fast so it was easy to finish the whole task in a short time and even though I went to bed only 30 minutes (give or take) after the top coat, I didn’t get any midnight smudging to fix in the morning, which I appreciate.

The gift box came with a clear Topcoat and a teal Squid Ink as well as Polish Remover Pads, which smell like vanilla somehow and work very well even though they feel oily, not drying.  I guess you could say they completely break all the rules regarding nail polish removal.

And I can’t end this review without mentioning the gorgeous packaging designed by various young artists who receive a portion of the profits from every unit sold.  What a neat company!

At $15.45, this isn’t the cheapest nail polish you’ll ever buy, but it is a pretty convenient, mess-free way to paint your nails and if you’re prone to staining your desk, couch, blankets, and anything else that gets in your way while giving yourself a manicure, this would be a cheap alternative to buying new furniture.

You know, like those CDs Jazz for a Rainy Afternoon, Jazz for Special Moments, Harmonica Solos for Migraines, etc.

These are the iPhone covers that make me smile:

Quadruply Soft by caseosaurus

Pink Flower by NapPage

Grey Color Block by BlissfulCASE

I can’t stop looking at these adorable glitter encrusted blue elephants by wishdaisy on Etsy.  They would make such a great addition to my cube.  She sells them in pairs for around $40, so it might not be in the Top 10 Practical Purchases, but if something makes you smile every single time you look at it, it might actually be totally worth it. 

I’m over the moon with these personalized journals and notebooks from Minted.  I had a very hard time picking just one to feature on here, there are over 200 amazing designs.  At $16, even if you personalize it, this is an amazing gift idea for just about everyone.

I have never had a lot of luck picking out nightstands.  The ones I like the best are too expensive, or they’re vintage and only one is available, or the reasonably priced ones are all humongous, etc. ad infinitum.  I’m thrilled to report, however, that I picked up a random business card, went to the website on the card, and may have stumbled upon the nightstands I’ve been looking for.

The company is called Neat Stuff! named after what customers proclaim when they see the furniture for the first time (so cute!).  In the screenshot, it ‘s the little white table.  It looks like I could either contact them and go to their house to see the tables in person and possibly order a set or I could try to catch them at one of the festivals where they will have a booth set up.  But that would mean waiting until June… hmm.  I am kind of sick of not having nightstands so I might have to speed up this process.  Updates to follow, naturally.

At work, I use Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. multiple times a day, sometimes for hours at a time.  If there’s one thing I wish I could do sometimes it’s slide letters this way and that because of the deplorable kerning you get from these applications sometimes.  Here’s a game that allows you to do just that!  That’s right, a kerning game!!  I shouldn’t enjoy this as much as I do but it was fun to match wits with people who really know what they’re doing and see where I stack up.  Try the Kerning Game for yourself, it’s surprisingly challenging.

Well over a year ago, one of my favorite Etsy sellers, cricicis, designed this picture of my doggie, Julia!  I was looking at it again today and it’s really something.  She perfectly captures Julia’s dignity and serenity.

I seriously don’t think I would ever even contemplate painting a room or thinking of a color scheme without Creature Comforts from now on.

This is a color scheme she posted in September 2011 and I saved it because I would love to use it for something.  If not a room (I doubt my husband would appreciate it) then at least an outfit, or maybe my cubicle at work.

This color scheme was posted in January 2012 and I’m in love.  What a great idea to use cupcakes for color inspiration!

Ok, so I’m a perfectionist.  No matter how perfect something is, I will always find the flaw (which in and of itself I consider a flaw…but now we’re entering “play within a play” territory so I’ll move on).  This personality trait makes it difficult to select home accents and decor because there is always something missing or one thing too much that ruins the whole effect for me.

So you can image my thrill in discovering SpoonFlower – an internet destination where you design your own fabric!!!  I can’t wait to try this out.  It’s not terribly expensive either ($16.20/yard, $5/swatch) considering the relatively small quantity you’ll be ordering.