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I’m so happy to report on our one year houseiversary we have redoubled our efforts at making our house look more and more like a home.  We recently received a beautiful table and chair set from our friends and we bought a rug for the dining room.  I have table linens and I’m shopping for napkin rings (my grandmother will be thrilled, absolutely thrilled).  I feel downright domestic.

I can’t wait to host a brunch or a dinner party!

In other home news, my sister is buying a house in my neighborhood!  More people in my family owning real estate in Dayton – I’m very excited about this and I can’t wait until she is all moved in and settled.  I remember signing the ream of paper to buy our little piece of Dayton and although it was sort of daunting at the time, we’re making this big house into a home little by little.  I can’t wait to have another autumn here!  And as my husband says, “One year down, 29 more to go!”

I can’t stop looking at these adorable glitter encrusted blue elephants by wishdaisy on Etsy.  They would make such a great addition to my cube.  She sells them in pairs for around $40, so it might not be in the Top 10 Practical Purchases, but if something makes you smile every single time you look at it, it might actually be totally worth it. 

Here are some images collected over time of the view from my cubicle.

No, these aren’t real white butterflies (moths?), they’re fake ones from a craft store.  Also, these are technically in a small room on the other side of the wall from my cubicle.  The glass rocks here replace 2-year-old potpourri.  I assembled these for an event.  Each one also has a flameless votive candle inside.

My lovely boss’ boss brought in peonies for everyone.  They smell amazing and look so pretty!

I put together this photo calendar from Shutterfly in December 2011 and I’m so glad I did.  I love having a photo album at my fingertips while at work.

I love my orange hourglass!  It cheers me up.  And the quote photo behind it reminds me to take chances every once in a while.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour around my cube!  I figure that if I’m spending upwards of 40 hours a week here, I should probably have some neat stuff to keep me smiling.

I have never had a lot of luck picking out nightstands.  The ones I like the best are too expensive, or they’re vintage and only one is available, or the reasonably priced ones are all humongous, etc. ad infinitum.  I’m thrilled to report, however, that I picked up a random business card, went to the website on the card, and may have stumbled upon the nightstands I’ve been looking for.

The company is called Neat Stuff! named after what customers proclaim when they see the furniture for the first time (so cute!).  In the screenshot, it ‘s the little white table.  It looks like I could either contact them and go to their house to see the tables in person and possibly order a set or I could try to catch them at one of the festivals where they will have a booth set up.  But that would mean waiting until June… hmm.  I am kind of sick of not having nightstands so I might have to speed up this process.  Updates to follow, naturally.

Over the weekend, I found an amazing pair of chairs on Craigslist.  I absolutely loved them at first sight and knew that I couldn’t rest until I had them in my house.  I called the woman who listed them and scheduled a time with her so that I could pick them up Tuesday evening.  Not only did I get two amazing chairs out of the deal, I got a chance to visit another world for a while – Brandt, Ohio is the quaintest little town, like the set from some coming-of-age movie.  I should have taken pictures but it didn’t occur to me until after we had driven out of the small town.

Here are the beautiful chairs in what will probably be their permanent home in the living room, although I have more thinking to do on the subject…

I love photography but I haven’t taken the time (or expense) to actually learn the skill.  Thankfully, I have an iPhone and some geniuses created Instagram because now I get to produce slightly less terrible photos without knowing anything about photography.  The only problem is some of these photos are really precious to me and aside from this blog, facebook, twitter, and forcing people to hold my phone and flip through my pictures, I don’t have a way to display them.  Ok, so maybe that’s actually quite a lot of ways to display instagrams but unconnected people (like my grandmother) miss out.

Luckily, there’s a whole Internet full of options for printing and displaying instagram photos.  One such website called Image Snap prints your instagrams onto tiles, which makes complete sense since they are also square (how did I not think of this!?).  Ranging in price from $4-$35, these instant art pieces make displaying your creativity, your family, your pets, or anything dear to you that much easier.  I can’t wait to order mine!

via swissmiss

Do you have a boring white table and you’re not sure how to spice it up?  I was once like you!  The answer?  Put a bird on it!  Two, in fact.

These bird salt and pepper shakers are the tiniest useful kitchen item I’ve ever purchased.  ::searches brain for accuracy::  At least as far as I can remember at present.

I actually got these by earning enough points in the Lean Cuisine Delicious Rewards program.  They were 350 points – you get 20 points per code (one code per meal) so I ate 17.5 Lean Cuisines to get these salt and pepper shakers…or roughly $34…wow.

Anyways, I love them – even if they can only hold a teaspoon of spice each.

I don’t care if you buy me an iPad tomorrow, I’ll probably never stop reading actual, physical magazines (but, you know, thanks for the iPad).  Ever since I was 11, I’ve subscribed to several magazines and I can attribute everything I know to them (ok, college helped a little, I guess).

Here are some of the magazines I love and why I love them:


Shopping addicts, rejoice!!  Here is a magazine that takes the love of shopping to another level by helping you get some of that hunting instinct out of your system without burning a hole through your credit card.  This is also the home of Beauty Director, Jean Godfrey-June.  I’ve been a loyal subscriber for many years.


I never subscribed to Glamour.  Conde Nast decided to kill Jane, which was my ultimate perfect magazine – right down to the fonts used.  Rather than refund everyone’s money, they opted to send Jane subscribers a postcard explaining that we’ll all be receiving Glamour instead because it’s close enough.  No, nothing can compare to Jane but my broken heart learned to love Glamour.  They are really leading the charge in showcasing more normal body types in their editorials, limiting the use of photo editing on their models, and bringing awareness to social injustice all over the world.

House Beautiful

If I could live in any magazine, I would pick House Beautiful. I love spending my Sunday afternoons curled up in bed flipping the colorful pages of this magazine and dreaming of all the decorating possibilities in my own home.  Currently I get back issues of House Beautiful from my library but if I really use the advice and inspirations, I may subscribe.


There is no better dog magazine that I’ve found.  Bark has tons of useful information for dog owners as well as useful products you may never otherwise know about.  I picked it up at a salon one day and had trouble putting it down.  I’m thinking of subscribing as soon as possible.

Martha Stewart Living

I hate to say it, but the woman (and her staff) has some very good ideas about problems you didn’t even know you had, as well as fixes for organizational dilemmas you didn’t realize were dilemmas.  I wish I could write for this magazine – my first article would be called “How Your Disorganized Junk Drawer is Ruining Your Life.”  I’m not a subscriber but occasionally I’ll pick this up at the library.

I seriously don’t think I would ever even contemplate painting a room or thinking of a color scheme without Creature Comforts from now on.

This is a color scheme she posted in September 2011 and I saved it because I would love to use it for something.  If not a room (I doubt my husband would appreciate it) then at least an outfit, or maybe my cubicle at work.

This color scheme was posted in January 2012 and I’m in love.  What a great idea to use cupcakes for color inspiration!

Ok, so I’m a perfectionist.  No matter how perfect something is, I will always find the flaw (which in and of itself I consider a flaw…but now we’re entering “play within a play” territory so I’ll move on).  This personality trait makes it difficult to select home accents and decor because there is always something missing or one thing too much that ruins the whole effect for me.

So you can image my thrill in discovering SpoonFlower – an internet destination where you design your own fabric!!!  I can’t wait to try this out.  It’s not terribly expensive either ($16.20/yard, $5/swatch) considering the relatively small quantity you’ll be ordering.