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This week, I have two great ice blue items from my beauty cabinet (I decided that would be the theme.  I was tired when I made the theme, ok?).

Mary Kay Indulge Soothing Eye Gel

I went to a Mary Kay party one time and loved trying this eye gel – it felt like putting cucumber slices over my eyes.  I have since been using this gel for a while and it never stops feeling awesome and it works to tighten the eye area a little but mostly it helps me look more awake and less puffy.  The pretty color is just a great bonus.

Aveda Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother

It takes a lot for my husband to notice something beauty-related and the other day he looked at my hair and said “Are you doing something different?  Your hair looks really smooth.”  That’s all I really need to say, even men will notice a difference.


I love a trip to Eden Salon & Spa any day of the week, but there is something awesome about Saturday mornings for me.  I don’t have anywhere to go, and there isn’t a lot I can do while I wait to process other than relax.  This trip would be different though because Nicole left out Aveda’s color samples for their rainbow colors and I wasn’t able to set it back down.  I decided on a whim that I wanted, no, NEEDED violet on my hair.

Later my mom had her appointment and we got to spend some time together reminiscing about when Eden was the architectural firm we both worked at.  Her hair turned out gorgeous!

Oh, you want to see my before and after?  Well, ok.



As you can see, I’m a little blonder.  The purple is hard to see (which is what I was going for) but you get a peek at the bottom there.  Why did I do it?  Because I needed to let my Freak Flag fly for a little while before I lose it entirely.  Seriously, I never thought I’d be discussing and thinking about roof shingles and mortgages at 25 so this is a neat, temporary break from all that.

Although nothing quite beats a day at the spa, creating your own version at home is a lot cheaper and more convenient.  Here’s what I use to relax and get back to beautiful after a grueling week.

  1. Aveda Rosemary Mint Body Lotion – smells like a spa, so it sets the mood
  2. Somme Institute Warming Face Mask – it smells like pumpkin pie ice cream…mmm…
  3. Somme Institute Transport – glycolic acid pads
  4. Somme Institute Serum – Vitamin C at its best
  5. Somme Institute A-Bomb – smells like marshmallows, moisturizes like whoa
  6. Nars Mud Mask – well, you know how I feel about this miracle stuff
  7. Crest Whitestrips – it’s how coffee/tea/cranberry enthusiasts look approachable

Finish it off with a little more eye cream than you use daily, and you’re good to go…read a book and drink some peppermint tea.

Everyone has a patented hangover cure but mine is still probably better because it’s a multi-pronged attack consisting of many not terrible components.

  1. Slowly get out of bed.  You probably feel like you’re in a boat – unless you are actually on a boat, you are not on a boat.  Trust me.
  2. Don’t turn any unnecessary lights on, unless you like searing eye pain.
  3. Drink some water, followed by coffee, followed by juice.  The water hydrates you, the coffee helps your brain reestablish its electrical connections, and the juice helps to bring up your blood sugar.
  4. Nibble on something bread-y.  Bread works.  Anything to soak up the excess nastiness in your stomach and colon.  My personal choice:  Kix without milk.
  5. Hi!  Just checking to see if you’re still reading or just skimming at this point.  Please continue.
  6. Take a shower with Aveda Rosemary Mint everything (body wash, shampoo, conditioner).  When you get out, use the Aveda Rosemary Mint body lotion.  If that doesn’t refresh and revive you, nothing will.
  7. Put on some sweats.  The restrictive nature of jeans will only hurt you at this point.
  8. Drink a Vitamin Water.
  9. Take a nap.
  10. Voila!  Fresh as a daisy.

If this doesn’t work for you, don’t get that drunk again.  This is the most comprehensive hangover attack cure ever and if your hangovers are that bad, you might need to evaluate what led you to drink that much in the first place.  Is it because of a bad breakup?  A bad relationship?  Does your boss hate you?  Do they still force you to use Internet Explorer at work?  Until those things are fixed, no amount of Aveda products will be able to help you (although they can’t hurt – just saying).

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2400 Far Hills Avenue was not always the chic, stylish salon and spa that it is today.  No, it was once a small architectural firm called DAE Designs.  I worked there for many years, bookkeeping and filing the days away.  It was the perfect place to work considering its proximity to Starbucks and Dorothy Lane Market.  Above us was a little salon called Salon Bliss, with whom we feuded frequently over parking spaces and water damage.  Once when I was at the innocent age of 19 I extended the olive branch by getting a manicure there. 

After 13 some odd years in Oakwood the architectural firm relocated to Centerville, and the little salon upstairs moved in, growing in size and transforming the nautical-inspired, smoke stained environ into a fresh, luxurious, city chic salon and day spa.  When construction had been complete for a few months, I decided it was time to get a good look at the improvements and was astonished at what they were able to accomplish in a short period of time.  The building is actually a house, a very old and poorly constructed house but when Eden Salon & Spa opened its doors, the space seemed to have lost several years of wear and tear. 

The services at this Aveda salon are wonderful and the staff is friendly and frequently the whole salon will be involved in the same conversation like one big girls’ afternoon out.  The spa section is in the furthest room from the main entrance, ensuring a calm and relaxing service no matter the time of day.  The shampoo bowls are located in a room that they keep dark to help their clients relax during the scalp massage.  The waiting area has a comfy couch and chairs, magazines, products to browse, and a closet to hang your jacket.  They offer Coke, Diet Coke, coffee, hot tea, and water while you process or wait.

The prices are what you’d expect from an Aveda salon but when you take into account the expertise of the stylists, they’re much more reasonable.  Perks include proximity to Starbucks and Central Perc if you need coffee or a snack, Preen and Gamine if you’d like to shop and show off your new look, lots of parking available, easy to get to.

I highly recommend this small, busy salon and spa for anyone looking to enjoy a few hours in a chic, city getaway reminiscent of Chicago or New York.    

Eden Salon & Spa
2400 Far Hills Avenue
Dayton, OH  45419