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You may remember when I said that my 5K team had many races to choose from.  The one we picked because they got to us first is the Family Violence Prevention Center‘s Walk to STOP Child Abuse.  It was bitterly cold but thankfully the rain held off until we were most of the way through breakfast.  My favorite part was when we showed up and someone had freshly TP’d the high school.  Rob was explaining precisely how he was sure of the methods used to TP the school because he was apparently some sort of hoodlum in his younger years.

The best part was that I beat my time from last year!  Rob is a great motivator – we kept racing each other and trying to block the other one from getting ahead as much as possible.  If that’s not solid team work, I don’t know what is.  And I apologize for the photo, I look like a wind-burnt crazy person.

And of course no race day is complete without a giant breakfast, this time from Hasty Tasty.  Even after 15 cups of coffee, I was still ready to sleep.

I’m looking forward to the October FVPC 5K.  Hopefully it will be at John Bryan State Park again, that was so lovely.

I spend most weekends not participating in 5Ks – let’s say maybe 50 out of 52 weekends a year.  So you can imagine my surprise when I get invited to not 1, not 2, but 3 races on the same day, April 28, 2012.  I can’t be in 3 places at once so I thought I would share the information with my Dayton readers in case you would be interested in attending one of these races for charity.

Walking to STOP Child Abuse – 5K Walk/Run to benefit Family Violence Prevention Center

  • This 5K takes place at and around Beavercreek High School
  • My team name for this event is The Isotopes, which is a Simpsons reference (and yes, we perform about as well as the real Springfield Nuclear Power Plant team)

Dayton Peace Accords 5K Walk/Run to benefit Dayton International Peace Museum

  • It took some digging but it looks like the route will be on the Great Miami River Trail, which will be beautiful!  Wish I could make this one.

March for Babies to benefit March of Dimes

  • This one will take place at Carillon Historical Park
  • I was invited to this by my work but since it was already committed to the first one, I couldn’t go. 


John Bryan State Park

In an effort to soak up every last pretty moment of autumn, recently my mom, sister, and I took part in the Pace for Peace 5K benefiting the Family Violence Prevention Center of Greene County.  I loved that we had a reason to get outside in the fresh air at John Bryan State Park (and the breakfast at Young’s Jersey Dairy in Yellow Springs afterward didn’t hurt).  Even though we achieved a better time, we unfortunately came in last place. 

To congratulate ourselves for a job well done, we went shopping and I bought a beautiful rice bowl from Yellow Springs Pottery.

Sunday, May 29, my family decided to walk our own (thus free) 5K in Taylorsville Metro Park to the historic town of Tadmor, OH.  As an avid fan of the show Life after People, Tadmor is a fascinating place to visit because it is a perfect example of what happens when people leave a town to ruin.  Now all that remains is a number of stone structures such as parts of the canal, parts of two bridges, and occasionally rocks here and there that may have been part of a structure.  When people hear about Tadmor and then actually see it for themselves, they aren’t always impressed, having expected more.  The big lesson of Tadmor and Life after People is that humans don’t really own land – we can only borrow it – and when we leave, nature reclaims the land until there is hardly any sign that humans ever existed there at all.  Sort of chilling, no?

If you think about it enough, you may come down with a full blown case of ennui.  If you already have ennui, don’t think about it at all.

On the lighter side, the walk to Tadmor is gorgeous.  You have your pick between a trail, which is easy on your joints, and a paved pathway, which is better if you’re taking a stroller.  The downside is that the tiny parking lot fills up quickly on a nice Sunday morning so have a second plan for the day in the event that it’s full when you arrive.

As part of my family’s goal to be involved in the community as well as stay active and exercise, we have been participating in 5K events for various charities.  I had a lot of misconceptions about 5Ks and never thought for a moment that I would be participating in one, let alone two so far. 

First, I thought that most people would run.  This has turned out to be false (thank goodness).  I, along with over 75% of participants, walked the whole time or most of the time.  Walking 3.1 miles is not the easiest thing to do at 9:00 am on a Saturday when you’re horribly out of shape.  I feel that it means a lot that I’m able to get out of bed that early, let alone walk 3.1 miles without stopping.  The way I look at it, I have to be burning something like 3 times the amount of calories I would be burning if I were to stay in bed.  There are people who run but I luckily don’t have to interact with them much (they usually finish the race 30 minutes before me anyway).  Seriously though, they should be proud of their athleticism, drive, and stamina – I think it’s great that people like them work hard to keep the American obesity rate under 100%. 

Second, I thought I’d be the last to finish.  My sister says because of my hours of shopping in heels, I’ve turned some ligaments or tendons in my legs bionic and therefore ended up being pretty awesome at walking a 5K.  No matter the reason, I ended up finishing somewhere in the middle both times without sweating much or turning red at all.  I’m happy that my very complex method of staying in shape (umm…drawing a blank here…) has been working (whatever it is…).

Third, I actually might want to start thinking about training to run one someday.  It might not be this year, but eventually I think I’d like to run a 5K.  This will really mess up my current exercise routine of stay-on-the-elliptical-until-ipod-runs-out-of-Camera-Obscura-songs but I’ll learn to deal with that when the time comes.

These photos were taken at the finish line of my first 5K at Beavercreek High School and the surrounding area on April 30, 2011.  This event was to benefit the Family Violence Prevention Center.

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My second 5K was May 14, 2011 at Northridge High School and it was to benefit Hospice of Dayton (a cause very dear to my heart).