While buying some allergy medicine at Walgreens recently, my husband bought me some nail polish because I was sitting on the floor looking at all the colors and I think he wanted me to get up and stop acting like a 5 year old in the toy aisle.  So, happily I trotted home with a light, buttery yellow called Unicorn and a creamy white called Snow Me White, both from the *Sinful Colors Professional line.  So I queued up A Little Princess on Netflix and set to work with my new polishes and a dotting tool.

I don’t think it turned out awesome, but I’m just getting the hang of doing all this by myself, you know.  I’ll take two nail polishes for $3 over shelling out $14 + tip nowadays.  Plus, at my nail salon at home they always play movies I like instead of just Jeopardy and The Wheel.

*I just read that Sinful Colors has been accused of using photos from beauty bloggers without permission.  I want to take a second to express that I find that distasteful because beauty bloggers for the most part blog about products for free, which is beneficial to the companies they write about and shouldn’t be taken advantage of.  With that being said, please ask my permission to use my terrible iPhone photos.  I will probably say yes, but it’s basic internet courtesy.