By now, a lot of people know what happened at Sidebar, but to recap:  The owner had been bouncing checks to his employees and then skipped town, moving out of the space in the dark of night.  This reprehensible behavior not only shamed many proud fans of Dayton, it also left a crowd of wonderful servers, hosts, hostesses, bartenders, and kitchen staff without jobs.

The one shining beacon of hope that emerged from all of this is that the Dayton community banded together and refused to let the former Sidebar staff suffer alone.  Blind Bob’s extended an offer to host a benefit for the employees and thanks to the tireless efforts of Sidebar’s former manager and the organizing power of social media the benefit at Blind Bob’s was a hit and a lot of money was raised to help the former Sidebar staff.

I didn’t realize at the time that my husband and I were in the news story for the event, but I was pretty jazzed about that.  Here is the still:

That’s me in white on the far left drinking a Mic Ultra and watching the Olympics.

Click here to watch the video and get the full report.