When I have a group of photos I can’t build a post around, I file them under Random and call it a day.  Even people who are usually creative have to throw in the towel from time to time.  I hope you enjoy these all the same.

I took a vacation day a little bit ago made a trip to Cincinnati (West Chester to be specific) to visit some coworkers.  On the way back, my friend and I ended up at the Cincinnati Premium Outlets and this is a picture from Saks Fifth Avenue outlet and their very long table with a rainbow of denim.  If I were a few inches taller, I’d be all over this trend.  I just have this sneaking suspicion that I will look like a toddler in bright colored pants because I’m only 5′ tall.

This precious angel came to visit my workplace for an event.  The picture really can’t do justice to how humongous this guy really is.  If I were a criminal I would be terrified.  He let me pet him and didn’t mind that I think he’s adorable.

I debated whether or not to post this picture because it shows a mess in my house, but the power of cuteness prevailed.  Julia started sleeping on the pile of clothes next to my closet and I don’t have the heart to pick up knowing she likes it so much.  I pull a few items out of the pile to wash but I make sure to put something back so it’s still a doggie nest.

Here’s a group of photos I took on a recent date night with Husband.  We saw the Dark Knight Rises and because I haven’t been to this theatre in a long time, I forgot how cute all the neon was.

At my work, I have a little bit of control over the supply order and I try to make sure that every once in a while we get some fun Expo colors.  I didn’t know if anyone really appreciated this until I happened to be working in one of the classrooms and noticed someone had pilfered most of the fun colors!  It made my day.