Someone asked me recently if I prefered the Matte Bare Minerals to the Original.  The matte formula logically should be better for someone with oily skin, however I use the original formula.  Here’s why:

Matte Bare Minerals Cons:

  • Matte Bare Minerals does help to control oiliness, however it only ever bought me an extra hour or so before I had to blot.
  • The packaging looks the same from the outside but the base is thicker on the matte formula – meaning there is less in the container for the same amount of money.  So it’s more expensive than the original formula.
  • I noticed that I needed to use more product to get the same coverage of the Original.  So you’re burning through it faster and it costs more.
  • The color didn’t seem to be exactly the same, it seemed a little lighter to me.

The Original formula works better for me so that’s all I’ll use.  Here are some of my tips to get the most out of your Bare Minerals.

  • If your skin is oily like mine, you might try using a matte powder before you apply Bare Minerals.  I like Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder.  Just sweep some on your skin before anything else and then apply Bare Minerals like usual.  It keeps the oil at bay until after lunch!
  • Using any translucent powder before Bare Minerals helps you use slightly less of the foundation.
  • There really isn’t a need to buy any sort of concealer, just use a little Bare Minerals and a small, flat brush.
  • If you normally get a little more color in the summer, sprinkle a little Warmth into the lid before you sprinkle Bare Minerals and mix thoroughly to make the color subtly darker.  It could save you money over buying a whole new shade.
  • EcoTools sells very soft, high quality, yet very affordable cruelty-free alternatives to the brushes included in the Bare Minerals starter kit.

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