As a huge fan of Belmont Party Supply, I was excited to hear that they would be opening a sandwich shop next door.  Stackers has a full menu of yummy sandwiches and wraps and I was happy to see that their sides (although deep fried) are at least fried in oil that hasn’t had meat in it.  They really seem committed to providing great-tasting vegetarian fare alongside their traditional sandwiches.

I ordered the Veggie Melt without the cheese (I call it a compromise with my diet) and it came with very delicious chips (I could only compromise myself into eating 2 before the guilt stopped me).

Stackers is carryout only, they don’t have any seating.  So my husband and I grabbed a six pack from next door at Belmont Party Supply and went home to eat.  It was a great night and I’m so glad Stackers turned out to be amazing!

Stackers Subs & Grub
2615 Smithville Road
Dayton, OH  45420