A few weeks ago, I saw I Razor at The Neon and didn’t know immediately whether or not I liked it.  After a few weeks of reflection and my husband and my many conversations about it, I now know that I indeed loved I Razor and desperately want to know how it ends.

The Circus Devils’ production of I Razor was terrifying.  In a good way.  I think.  To be perfectly honest, despite the mind-bendingly trippy visuals and bizarre costuming/masks, I was pretty compelled by the plot – A race of telepathic freak monsters lives among normal people in Northern Ohio and one freak (and former doctor) in particular is working with a non-freak doctor to reverse the process that made them that way.  This protagonist (who later is revealed as more of a tragic hero) goes about his days discovering nature and becomes fascinated with horses in particular, which endears the viewer to this character.  The fact that the actors were able to convey all of this using no words or even facial expressions is pretty remarkable – the movie is essentially a silent film because the freaks can all communicate telepathically.  Although there are some funny moments (a freak in a gorilla mask shoots a puppet singer while a stoic Native American puppet looks on), this is definitely a tragedy but I won’t explain why in case you plan on seeing I Razor in the future.  We got to see all but the last two minutes of the film as they have yet to be written.  Would I recommend this movie to a friend?  Only if I thought this particular friend could handle a terrifying 2-hour-long aggressively sexual psychic Greek tragedy without an ending.  And to think at one time I thought Persona was a little trippy.