Sure, they look innocent enough, but storage ottomans were recently the topic of discussion at a trivia night (RIP) and I thought you should know what sort of things were brought up.  First of all, just to let you know a little about trivia ethics, one does not look at one’s cell phone until the trivia host takes that round’s sheet from your table.  So after our sheet is taken, we use that lull before he announces the winner to check our phones.  I was looking at my Twitter feed when I noticed House Beautiful said something like the following:  “We will be chatting soon with reknowned designer ___ ___.  Tweet us your storage ottoman questions!”

I was dumbstruck but managed to repeat the tweet to my friends who immediately started blasting their most burning storage ottoman questions right along with me.  Such as:

  • How often should I replace my storage ottoman to maintain peak freshness?
  • Can I just take my normal ottoman and hollow it out?
  • Do my blankets go to Narnia when placed in my storage ottoman?
  • Does my ottoman still exist even when I’m not in the room?
  • If I don’t use it for storage, am I limiting its functionality in any way?

What are your storage ottoman questions?