Recently, one of my favorite friends from high school came to visit all the way from Amsterdam (she went to my school for a year as a part of the foreign exchange student program).  7 years is a long time to not see someone so it was amazing to see Eva again and catch up.  Morgan, Eva, and I hung out at my house for a little while before heading to Ghostlight Coffee to visit with our friend Ray, who was busy finishing up his t-shirt design for Threadless’ Disney Villains contest.

We played a game called The Game of Things, which is very similar to Family Feud.  We modified the rules by voting for which answer was the funniest, but on the last round the card asked for “Things you would erase.”  I got a little choked up when Eva answered “the Atlantic Ocean because that’s what keeps us apart.”  I did the best I could to make a strong case for Eva and her boyfriend to move to Dayton, Ohio (Forbes did just name us the most affordable city, after all…) but I think they are committed to their jobs, families, and native country.  Also, Holland has these horrible licorice hockey puck candies that America doesn’t have and I’m sure they would miss that.