Update 7/3/12:  Unfortunately, Suzy’s foster parents decided that our home would not be a good fit for Suzy because she showed so much dominance toward Julia.  While I believe that type of behavior can be corrected using modern positive reinforcement training, they weren’t willing to take the risk in letting them live together, which may be for the best considering they could have potentially started fights and hurt each other.  We bear no resentment as this part of the process is entirely up to the rescue group and not the potential adoptive parents.  No matter how bummed we are about this, we still feel that working with a rescue is the best way to adopt pets.

No, it’s not a baby.  Meet Suzy!  She is a terrier mix found at the same shelter Julia! was rescued from.  She is currently being fostered and we’ve been scheduling little play dates for Julia and Suzy to get to know each other little by little.  Suzy is 1 or 2 years old and has a lot of energy so it was hard to get a good picture without her wiggling away.  I adore this little girl!  I can’t wait until she’s officially part of our family.  I’ll post updates as we get closer to the adoption date.