I saw this over on anonymous hedonist’s blog and had to list my own.  Just like she did, I changed the questions to be a little different.


1.  What is your most expensive product?  What is your least expensive product?

Somme Institute – Serum / Various free perfume samples.  I love Serum because it’s made out of magic and Vitamin C.  Perfume samples last a remarkably long time and you get a chance to wear something that normally is very expensive but was in fact free.


2.  What beauty ritual do you hate having to do?

Fake Bake – Flawless Tanning Liquid.  I don’t hate fake tanning (it’s a hell of a lot better than actually allowing the sun to damage your skin) but the rules with it are so annoying.  First you have to exfoliate, then wear something all day that you don’t care about because it could stain your clothing, your car upholstery, your couch, etc.  Or you could self tan before bed but then your sheets might be stained with tanning liquid overnight.  In the end, I usually just give up and stay pasty.


3.  What is your most hoarded product?

Skin, an Apothecary – Soy Body Whip.  I hoard Soy Body Whip but I also hoard all sorts of lotions.  Dry skin must be one of my greatest fears…


4.  What part of your beauty regimen do you neglect due to laziness?

Crest Whitestrips / Nars Eyeshadow.  I don’t always feel like having a mouthful of peroxide but I know that it makes me look better in pictures.  And eyeshadow is just such a long process for someone with oily skin – you have to apply eyeshadow base and wait for it to dry or it will make mega creases, then apply it to the other lid and wait again.  Then finally apply eyeshadow – then come up with a good excuse as to why you’re late to work.  Not worth all the effort. (Plus I’m way too lazy to properly remove the eyeshadow and primer before bed so it’s a mess in the morning.)


5.  Which product gives you the most self confidence?

Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Polish – Candy-licious.  If you couldn’t tell, I really enjoy getting DIY on my nails lately so when I do an especially good job, it makes me feel awesome.  Plus, nothing makes you appear more put together than a manicure.


6.  What products do you want to own so badly it hurts?

Lipgloss.  I can hardly walk into a drugstore without walking out with a few lipglosses or lipsticks.  I see one I like and I can’t put it down.


7.  What products do you wish you could use?

Liquid Foundation.  I love the way liquid foundation hugs your skin and holds on no matter what but I’ve never been able to wear it because of my skin issues.  The one in the picture does help clear blemishes but it also causes my sensitive skin a lot of irritation.  So I’ll just dream of a day (after menopause) when I can wear foundation and enjoy it.

Also, I’ve never been able to wear gold eyeshadow without looking like a crazy pale person who harbors the insane delusion that she’s a tan beach goddess.