I never expected to fall so deeply in love with any show on PBS, but then earlier this week I was itching to watch season 2 (after devouring season 1 in a few days) but couldn’t get my hands on it.  I tried requesting it from the library but I was 169th in line.  Then I thought about buying it outright but that was too expensive.  My husband’s suggestion was the most absurd of all:  Just wait for it to come to Netflix.  Umm, I did that – I waited 24 hours and it’s still not there so waiting more is not going to happen.  I was about to start writing Downton Abbey fan fiction when I received a $25 iTunes gift card in the mail (one of the perks to one of my credit cards), which I took as a sign from the universe that I should buy season 2 from iTunes and watch them all back to back and call off work.  I only did the former – buy it – and I’m trying instead to take it slow and watch just one episode at a time because there are only ten after all.  Sigh.

Downton Abbey combines everything I love in a TV show:  Romance, intrigue, thinly veiled sarcasm, very dry wit, women with English stoicism, 1910s, sprawling country estates, women’s suffrage, and World War I.  You can see why I also love Glee and Mad Men.  Plus, after I’ve watched an episode, my inner monologue is in a British accent just like my GPS!