Yes, it’s possible to have a healthy weekend and still have fun.  Trust me, because I was once a skeptic like you!  Last weekend, my friend Megan and I ventured to a restaurant that I was confident would work with us to prepare food according to the Advocare cleanse rules (low oil, preferably olive oil, fresh if possible, organic preferred, lots of veggies and fruit, no dairy, no bread, etc.)  Sure enough, Olive, an Urban Dive came through and sitting on their pretty patio, we enjoyed a roasted veggie scramble and a cup of fresh berries – and they didn’t make us feel like we were being annoying or anything.  I absolutely love this place!

After shopping for a while at Second Street Market, we thought about getting some green tea (since coffee is verboten on this diet, sadface).  Ghostlight Coffee brews tea fresh for you and puts it over ice in a mason jar.  It was already too hot to sit on the patio, but lucky for us there was some sort of 90s radio station playing, which was amazing.