I’m sorry, I know it’s lazy but I just have so much I want to show you!  So here is my weekend in (unedited) photos:

Ok, so we start with Wake Up Mordecai at South Park Tavern.  It was a lot of fun and the food was, as always, amazing.

I painted my nails Club Havana – Wet n Wild Megalast, which is a orangey coraly concoction.  I love it but I had every intention of dressing this up a bit with some crazy fruit slices or something.  I didn’t end up getting that accomplished, but this is one of the best jobs I’ve done painting my nails.  Look, no bubbles!

I received my second postcard poem from Postcard Poets!  And it’s awesome.

There was a lot of time spent snuggling with Julia!

While I was getting some supplies out of the garage to weed my flower boxes (close your mouths, it’s not that shocking), I turned on the light and remembered again why it’s so odd.  It looks like the inside of a circus tent.  A circus tent where scary clowns perform dental procedures on people or something.  Yikes!  I think at some point this will need to be updated.

Well, there you have it!  Now back to the work week.