When you’re a teenager and you get visited regularly by the acne fairy/monster, the solution is Proactiv.  Just use it as directed and you’ll be fine.  Ok, now that we’ve set the youth straight, it’s time to talk about the horrors of adult acne.  I hate my acne problem but what I hate more is the fact that old standbys like Proactiv don’t cut it after a certain age.  My skin became more sensitive and more prone to drying completely out, rendering go-to products for teens nearly useless – or worse, they would even create new breakouts.  So what’s a girl woman to do?

The answer for me has been to improve my skin as much as possible by using grown-up products that can do double duty – prevent breakouts and wrinkles while using good-for-skin ingredients with none of the fillers.  Of course this is obscenely expensive, but the products last a long time.  My system is from Somme Institute, a skin care company that specializes in creating luxurious beauty products using MDT5 technology (Molecular Dispersal Technology 5) and mark their products with a simple colored circle to indicate the magic stuff inside.

I mentioned the steps in a previous post about using them for an at-home spa day.  They are that luxurious, for sure, but I also use these every day.  The steps are as follows:

  1. Cleanse – I don’t use the cleanser Somme makes so I substitute one from the drugstore packed with benzoyl peroxide.
  2. Transport – glycolic acid pads to exfoliate
  3. Serum – Vitamin C for brightness and clarity
  4. A-Bomb – rich moisturizer that doesn’t clog pores
  5. Sunscreen – I don’t use the one they make so I improvise with Bare Minerals, which has SPF 30 built in

Now my skin looks worlds better but nothing will knock out my acne for good except (hopefully) menopause.

I pick up my Somme products at Preen Apothecary.