Do you have someone in your life who has been with you through all the ups and downs, helped you when you needed and hand, and cheered you up when it all seemed too much?  What if I told you that that person in my life isn’t a person at all, but rather a coffee shop?  Winans Fine Chocolates and Coffees has been there for me since the Vandalia location opened.  Winans was there when I needed to do my homework but didn’t have an internet connection at home.  They were there for me when I finally got internet but needed to start pulling all nighters to get my assignments done and needed a boost to stay awake.  Winans was there for me after my wedding when I needed a caffeine fix before my reception, they offered a warm place to gather with my family in the months leading up to my father’s passing, and they give me a place to remember him whenever I need a coffee break from work.

I love Winans because when I look back at the last 7 years of my life, I can’t separate my memories from this beautiful, welcoming coffee shop.  They have been a stable part of my life and I’m very grateful to have such a calming place to visit from time to time that doesn’t change much as the years go by.  I can still sit at the same table in the same chair my dad sat in only a year and a few months ago, which is very comforting for some reason.

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Winans Fine Chocolates & Coffees
6735 Miller Lane
Dayton, OH  45414