Below, my mother, who contributes to Pets Jubilee, reviews her Mother’s Day present from me, Karuna Age Defying Face Masks.

My daughter (Girl About Town) bought me these wonderful face masks for Mother’s Day from Preen Apothecary.  I finally had time to sit back and relax, so I tried one out.  The masks are by Karuna and are “age-defying” treatment masks (I always love products that say that.  If there were truly age-defying products out there, we would never see anyone look over 30 years old).   The masks’ mission is Vitality and Transformation.  I think that’s a wonderful mission to have!  The cloths are all natural fiber and are extremely moist (tip:  when you’re finished with the cloth, rub on your neck, hands, arms, etc.).  The solution is made up of wild yams (for vitality) and elderberry extracts make your skin more resilient, according to the box.  The mask has a very faint, wonderful aroma.
I set a timer for 20 minutes, placed the mask on my face, laid down and got comfortable.  For an added bonus, I turned on Pandora and played Ambient radio, which I like to call “spa music.”  Within minutes I was completely relaxed.  If I had a young, tall, blonde and burly Swedish masseuse, the experience would have been complete, but we take what we can get.
Another tip, save the used masks and use them to scare the neighbor kids on Halloween.
I recommend these masks and thank my daughter for such a wonderful and thoughtful gift.