Dayton Coffee Shop Series

When I reached my 200th post, I asked my readers for some feedback.  Among the responses, it was suggested I talk about more coffee shops in the Dayton area.  I love this idea so I thought I would start this series with Press, a minimal coffee bar in the Oregon District featuring very talented individuals creating art in the form of delicious, rich, smokey coffee.

Press is a wonderful place for fans of coffee.  They make exquisite lattes with gorgeous foam art – so gorgeous you don’t want to mess it up by drinking it and heaven forbid you actually put a lid on that thing.

If you need any more convincing that this place is awesome, check out this article from Zagat that places Press in the company of The 10 Coolest Independent Coffee Shops Across the US.  And they’re 100% correct in that assessment because Press is cool, crisp, and minimal in a way chain coffee houses cannot be.  They feature local artists on the walls instead of corporate approved generic wall art.

I love parking in the Oregon District and walking around, maybe stopping at Basho and then completing the turn with a pause at Press for a soul-reviving latte.  This place is bright, even on a cloudy day, which reminds me of the quiet reflection of an art museum.

I highly recommend this amazing coffee bar to anyone seeking delicious coffee, crafted with care in a pure, bright space.  Sit and stare at the fine art adorning the walls, or watch the cars drift by on Wayne Avenue through the oversized floor-to-ceiling windows and relax, reflect, and caffeinate your cares away.

257 Wayne Avenue
Dayton, OH  45402