Do you remember that big shipment of nail decor I was waiting patiently for?  Well it finally arrived and now my nails look like fruit salad.  I had great plans to get out on my day off and explore Dayton a little bit, but unfortunately the miserably hot weather (90 degrees in May, seriously?) made me uneasy so I hunkered down in front of my computer with the fan going full blast and practiced using nail decor for the first time after only one YouTube video for guidance.

I also started watching The IT Crowd on Netflix and it’s quite addictive.  (And they have a Guided by Voices poster in the background in Season 2!)  I honestly think the real trick to perfect manicures is finding a show or movie that will hold your attention so you don’t mess up your nails.

The slices really do curl up as much as people say they do, so next time I’ll have to remember to make the dot of top coat as wide as the slice itself to help that.  After the fact, I tried pressing down on the sides of each slice that was curling up and some of them were put back into place while others are pretty much doomed to come off sooner or later.  Probably next week while I’m working in the bookstore…

I’ll have to figure out what my next color combo/fruit selection will be – and try to pull it off with a little less mess.  I might need to investigate some new nail colors.