I’m a complete nerd.  No, I’m not fishing for compliments or anything, I really am a nerd – and on Trivia Night, it totally pays off*.  I’m the designated Team Anchor in that I know 70% of the answers (history, literature, music questions).  My sister (pop culture questions), Kayleigh (song/artist questions), and I (plus an ever-changing carousel of occasional team members) have been playing every Thursday night at Max & Erma’s on Miller Lane for months now and we normally win.  I mean, most of the time.  Well, frequently.

*”Pays off” in the form of Max & Erma’s gift certificates.

Unfortunately, we tried to take part in the tournament but both poor planning and bad management on the part of Tyler Entertainment made this impossible.  They never informed anyone that there could only be 4 people on the team, and made us and several other teams forfeit (or send members to the bar area) in the middle of dinner.  Sigh.  I won’t go in to all of the silliness that evening (because it would take up 3 blog posts), but suffice it to say we made the best of a bad situation (and Free Cookies [plural!!!] Wednesday didn’t hurt either).

I think despite the issues with the entertainment company, we’ll still take part in the normal trivia games, just no more tournaments, please.  Or maybe we could get some modern entertainment companies to take over.

We use a different team name each time, here are some good ones:

  • The Suck It, Trebek!s
  • Coffee Talk with Linda Richman
  • $Texas  (pronounced “Texas with a Dollar Sign”)
  • and our perennial favorite:  The Merv Griffin Sets