Nothing is better about being sick than turning from a normal person into a mouth-breather.  People can’t help but stare trying to determine at a glance if you’re creepy or sick (or both).  Luckily, thanks to Skin an Apothecary’s Lip Service, at least when people stare they won’t be seeing flaky, chapped lips!  (But unfortunately, they’ll still see dark circles and a red nose.)  I’ve been slathering this stuff on since I started the decline into a possible sinus infection and it’s done wonders to protect my mouth from looking and feeling terrible.  Also, the peppermint oil gives that tingly feeling, which obviously is the universal sign that it’s working.  I picked up my Lip Service at Preen Apothecary for $8.  You should do the same – it’s made right here in Dayton!