Yes, yes it does.  Want to know why I’m not a fashion blogger or a beauty blogger or a food blogger, etc?  Because I lack focus.  I was told that my blog lacks focus the other day and I just want to say that this is not news.  If no other facet of my life has focus, why should my blog?  That would be bananas.

As people who have ever had even one conversation with me will tell you, talking with me is like going on some sort of journey where the destination does not come near to resembling the origin. I can also tell you that although I love reading Vogue, my favorite magazines are always ones covering a more diverse subject base like Glamour.  These magazines are often called “lifestyle” magazines because they don’t really cover one main subject, but rather a variety.  Taken as a whole, they are very entertaining, as I hope my blog is to my readers.  So I guess I’m a lifestyle blogger.  I like that.

Did you know that butterflies can taste with their feet!?  That’s pretty neat, right?

Sorry, see what I mean?