On a shopping trip I’ve since forgotten, I purchased Kiss Nail Dress stick-on “nail fashion” in a black lace pattern featuring roses and leopard spots.  I found it while tidying up my bathroom closet and thought I would give it a try so I pulled up Netflix on my iMac and started watching Emma for the 3,000th time, pulled out my nail kit and got ready to stick on some nail polish!

Oh man, these did not work out so well.  Smoothing the bubbles out with your fingers doesn’t work very well, it would have been great if Kiss had included a stylus of some sort.  The nail file they included wasn’t fine enough to remove the excess sticker without making a sort of jagged edge.  Also, after a night of sleep, I noticed there were more air bubbles on the edge of my nail than there were when I finished the manicure the night before.  The bubbles at the edge are particularly annoying because they are jagged and sharp, which isn’t the nicest feeling when you’re applying lotion to your face.

From a slight distance, the stick-on polish designs look pretty neat.  I don’t think I’ll give these another chance, but I might try a different brand to see if they have anything better to offer.