I started writing this blog a year ago today when I posted my experience with an ice cream social/Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra performance.  A year later, I’m still writing about my experiences living in the greatest city in the world, Dayton, Ohio!

I went from 0 followers to 115, from an average of 8 page views a day to around 80, and occasionally posting to making an effort to post something daily.  It’s a blast and a half to write this thing and I’m so glad I have people who encourage me to continue.

In a year I’ve been through a flood, my first Christmas without my father, moving in with my grandparents, and buying my first house.  And you’ve all been there to see it too, and that always made it less stressful for me.

So when I say “thank you for reading” what I’m really saying on the inside is “OMG YOU ARE AMAZING THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!11!!!1”

Some things to come:  My first ever Giveaway, a series of coffee shop reviews from around Downtown Dayton and beyond, and an in-depth look at what I’ve been doing every Thursday evening between 6:00-9:00pm for a few months now (you can bet it’s nerdy and you’ll be correct).